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Financial crime: April 2014

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Journal articles

  • Democracy and corruption : a complex relationship / Shrabani Saha, Rukmani Gounder, Neil Campbell and J J Su
    Crime, law and social change 61(3) Apr 2014: 287-308
  • Patterns in account-giving among white collar criminals / Reza Azarian and Tage Alalehto
    Deviant behavior 35(1/3) 2014: 101-115
  • Pell Grant fraud awareness : white-collar crime challenges / Jeremy Green and James A Densley
    FBI law enforcement bulletin no. Feb Feb 2014:
  • Rise of the phoenix : ASIC campaign includes focus on 'gatekeepers' / Greg Tanzer
    Law society journal (Law Society of NSW) 52(3) Apr 2014: 34-35
  • Silk Road closure fails to dampen illegal drug sales online, experts say / Katie Silver
    ABC news (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 31 Mar 2014:[4] p
  • The online dating romance scam : causes and consequences of victimhood / Tom Buchanan and Monica T Whitty
    Psychology, crime and law 20(3/4) Apr/May 2014: 261-283