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Financial crime: February 2015

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Journal articles

  • Chain reaction / Holly Gilbert Stowell
    Security management 59(1) Jan 2015: 30-32
  • Discretionary justice : a comparison and discussion of criminal prosecutions in the history of major financial crimes / James F Gilsinan, Muhammed Islam, Neil Seitz and James A Fisher
    Journal of financial crime 22(1) 2015: 5-15
  • Kicking the cane : intra-familial financial exploitation of the vulnerable elderly, part 1 of 2 / Annette Simmons-Brown
    Fraud magazine. Jan 2015:1-3
  • Management models for international cybercrime / G. Stevenson Smith
    Journal of financial crime 22(1) 2015: 104-125
  • PEACE in fraud interviews : assumptions and detection of guilt and the impact on interviewer behaviour / Andrea Shawyer and Rebecca (Becky) Milne
    Crime prevention and community safety 17(1) 2015: 30-46
  • Rethinking terrorist financing : where does all this lead? / Hamed Tofangsaz
    Journal of money laundering control 18(1) 2015: 112-130
  • The anguish of victims : the human impact of fraud beyond the statistics / Annette Simmons-Brown
    Fraud magazine. Oct 2014:1-3
  • The vexing problem defining financial exploitation / Shelly L Jackson
    Journal of financial crime 22(1) 2015: 63-78