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Homicide: May 2014

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Journal articles

  • A comparison of domestic and non-domestic homicides : further evidence for distinct dynamics and heterogeneity of domestic homicide perpetrators / Marcus Juodis, Andrew Starzomski, Stephen Porter and Michael Woodworth
    Journal of family violence 29(3) Apr 2014: 299-313
  • A retrospective study of murder-suicide at the Forensic Institute of Ghent University, Belgium : 1935-2010 / Eva De Koning and Michel H A Piette
    Medicine, science and the law 54(2) Apr 2014: 89-98
  • A review of maternal neonaticide : a need for further research supporting evidence-based prevention in Australia / Lillian De Bortoli, Jan Coles and Mairead C Dolan
    Child abuse review 22(5) Sep/Oct 2013: 327-339
  • Bright young things : killer Anu Singh one-sided suicide pact with boyfriend Joe Cinque / Libby-Jane Charleston
    Daily Telegraph. 06 May 2014:[12] p
  • Court of Criminal Appeal : directions : Crimes Act 1900, ss18, 24
    Judicial officers' bulletin. 2014:34
  • Dark secrets of Australia's lesbian vampire murderer
    Daily Telegraph. 07 May 2014:[13] p
  • Fatal and non-fatal intimate partner violence : what separates the men from the women for vicimizations reported to police? / Lynn A Addington and Suzanne E Perumean-Chaney
    Homicide studies 18(2) May 2014: 196-220
  • Rates of homicide during the first episode of psychosis and after treatment : a systematic review and meta-analysis / Olav Nielssen and Matthew M Large
    Schizophrenia bulletin 36(4) May 2010: 702-712
  • Revisiting the quality and use of race-specific homicide data : exploring substantive implications / Steven F Messner, Mark Beaulieu, Stacey N Isles and Lacy Mitchell
    Homicide studies 18(2) May 2014: 151-174
  • Serious violence by people with mental illness : national clinical survey / Sandra Flynn, Cathryn Rodway, Louis Appleby and Jenny Shaw
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(8) May 2014: 1438-1458
  • Tears and praise at Bowraville inquiry / Mez Fisher
    Koori Mail no. 575 07 May 2014: 7
  • The Black Knight : Katherine Knight stabbed her partner, skinned him and then tried to feed him to his children / Libby-Jane Charleston
    Daily Telegraph. 05 May 2014:[16] p