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Homicide: September 2014

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Journal articles

  • Explaining variations in female homicide victimization rates across Europe / Janet P Stamatel
    European journal of criminology 11(5) Sep 2014: 578-600
  • Exploring anti-LGBT homicide by mode of victim selection / Jeff Gruenewald and Kristin Kelley
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(9) Sep 2014: 1130-1152
  • Girls arrested for murder : an empirical analysis of 32 years of US data by offender age groups / Kathleen M Heide and Brian G Sellers
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(4) Jul/Aug 2014: 467-482
  • Hegemonic masculinity and mass murderers in the United States / Deniese Kennedy-Kollar and Christopher A D Charles
    Southwest journal of criminal justice 8(2) [2012]: 62-74
  • Homicide in Europe / Marieke Liem and William Alex Pridemore
    European journal of criminology 11(5) Sep 2014: 527-529
  • Immigration and the changing nature of homicide in US cities, 1980-2010 / Graham C Ousey and Charis E Kubrin
    Journal of quantitative criminology 30(3) Sep 2014: 453-483
  • Is this our worst serial killer : or is she innocent? / Nikki Barrowclough
    Marie Claire (Yahoo!7 lifestyle). 28 Aug 2014:[7] p
  • Managing the homicide-suicide inquest the practices of coroners in one region of England and Wales / Marilyn J Gregory
    International journal of law, crime and justice 42(3) Sep 2014: 237-250
  • MMPI-2 characteristics of male serial murderers / Scott E Culhane, Meagen M Hildebrand, Stephannie Walker and Matt J Gray
    Applied psychology in criminal justice 10(1) 2014: 21-45
  • Necessity as a defence to murder : an Anglo-Canadian perspective / Birju Kotecha
    Journal of criminal law 78(4) Aug 2014: 341-362
  • New foundations : pseudo-pacification and special liberty as potential cornerstones for a multi-level theory of homicide and serial murder / Steve Hall and David Wilson
    European journal of criminology 11(5) Sep 2014: 635-655
  • Patterns and theories of European homicide research / Janne Kivivuori, Karoliina Suonpaa and Martti Lehti
    European journal of criminology 11(5) Sep 2014: 530-551
  • Systematic review and meta-analysis of homicide recidivism and schizophrenia / Andrei Golenkov, Olav Nielssen and Matthew M Large
    BMC psychiatry 14(46) 18 Feb 2014: 7 p
  • The British hitman : 1974-2013 / Donal MacIntyre, David Wilson, Elizabeth Yardley and Liam Brolan
    The Howard journal of criminal justice 53(4) Sep 2014: 325-340
  • The narrative of men who murder their partners : how reliable is it? / Rakefet Dilmon and Uri Timor
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(10) Oct 2014: 1125-1149
  • To prevent murder-suicide we need to better understand offenders / Samara McPhedran, Li Eriksson and Paul Mazerolle
    The conversation. 17 Sep 2014:[5, i] p
  • Unsolved homicides in Switzerland : patterns and explanations / Matthias Banziger and Martin Killias
    European journal of criminology 11(5) Sep 2014: 619-634
  • Violent disorder in Ciudad Juarez : a spatial analysis of homicide / Carlos J Vilalta and Robert Muggah
    Trends in organized crime 17(3) Sep 2014: 161-180
  • Wayne Chant and the Kiama torso : a cold case : two for one / Robert Jarrett
    Australian police journal 68(3) Sep 2014: 126-143