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Homicide: December 2014

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Journal articles

  • An exploration of the current knowledge on young people who kill : a systematic review / F Jeane Gerard, Vicki Jackson, Shihning Chou, Kate C Whitfield and Kevin D Browne
    Aggression and violent behavior vol. 19 2014: 559-571
  • Crimes without punishment : an update on violence against women and impunity in Guatemala / Karen Musalo and Blaine Bookey
    Social justice 40(4) 2014: 106-117
  • Emerging correlations between measures of population well-being, suicide and homicide : a look at global and Australian data / Adrian Y S Lee and Saxby Pridmore
    Australasian psychiatry 22(2) 2014: 112-117
  • Evaluating the effect of state regulation of federally licensed firearm dealers on firearm homicide / Nathan Irvin, Karin Rhodes, Rose Cheney and Douglas J Wiebe
    American journal of public health 104(8) Dec 2014: 1384-1386
  • Laws that bit the bullet : a review of legislative responses to school shootings / Jacyln Schildkraut and Tiffany Cox Hernandez
    American journal of criminal justice 39(1) 2014: 358-374
  • Martin Place siege : Sydney CBD cafe workers held up
    The Australian. 16 Dec 2014:[41] p
  • Mothers who murdered their child : an attachment-based study on filicide / Lavinia Barone, Alessandra Bramante, Francesca Lionetti and Massimiliano Pastore
    Child abuse and neglect 38(9) Sep 2014: 1468-1477
  • Race and the construction of evidence in homicide cases / Glenn L Pierce, Michael L Radelet, Chad Posick and Tim Lyman
    American journal of criminal justice 39(1) 2014: 771-786
  • Rethinking filicide / Peter Sidebotham
    Child abuse review 22(5) Sep/Oct 2013: 305-310
  • 'The floodgates' : how R v LB may make available the infanticide defence to accused murderers with the baby blues / Gus Kim
    Canadian criminal law review 17(2) Apr 2013: 217-226
  • The impact of question type and empathy on police interviews with suspects of homicide, filicide and child sexual abuse / Gavin Oxburgh, James Ost, Paul Morris and Julie Cherryman
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 21(6) Dec 2014: 903-917
  • The Starkweather syndrome : exploring criminal history antecedents of homicidal crime sprees / Matt DeLisi, Andy Hochstetler, Aaron M Scherer, Aaron Purhmann and Mark T Berg
    Criminal justice studies 21(1) Mar 2008: 37-47
  • Using research evidence to reframe the policy debate around mental illness and guns : process and recommendations / Emma E McGinty, Shannon Frattaroli, Paul S Appelbaum, Richard J Bonnie, Anna Grilley, Joshua Horwitz, Jeffrey W Swanson and Daniel W Webster
    American journal of public health 104(11) 2014: e22-e26