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Homicide: February 2015

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Journal articles

  • A day in the life of Michael Barnes, NSW State Coroner / Jane Southward
    LSJ : Law Society of NSW journal vol. 2 Feb 2015: 48-49
  • A study of patterns in criminal homicides in Greece / Peter D Chimbos
    International journal of comparative sociology 34(3/4) Sep 1993: 260-271
  • An examination of mental health, hostility, and typology in homicide offenders / Curtis A Brad, Richard B A Coupland and Mark E Olver
    Homicide studies 18(4) Nov 2014: 323-341
  • Beyond the active shooter / Holly Gilbert Stowell
    Security management 59(1) Jan 2015: 36-45
  • Does neighborhood environment differentiate intimate partner femicides from other femicides? / Kirsten M M Beyer, Peter M Layde, L Kevin Hamberger and Purushottam W Laud
    Violence against women 21(1) Jan 2015: 49-64
  • Establishing the victim-offender relationship of initially unsolved homicides : partner, family, acquaintance, or stranger? / Kenna Quinet and Samuel Nunn
    Homicide studies 18(3) Aug 2014: 271-297
  • Homicide in the Nordic countries / Gisli H Gudjonsson and H Petursson
    Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica 82(1) Jul 1990: 49-54
  • Homicide injury quantification : correlations and reliability of injury severity scores applied to homicide victims / Fredrik Tamsen, Fia Klotz Logan and Ingemar Thiblin
    Homicide studies 19(1) Feb 2015: 88-100
  • Homicide mortality in the United States, 1935-1994 : age, period, and cohort / Cyrus Shahpar and Guohua Li
    American journal of epidemiology 150(11) 1999: 1213-1222
  • Mass confusion concerning mass murder / James Alan Fox and Jack Levin
    The Criminologist 40(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 8-11
  • Single-victim and serial sexual homicide offenders : differences in crime, paraphilias and personality traits / Heng-Choon (Oliver) Chan, Eric Beauregard and Wade C Myers
    Criminal behaviour and mental health 25(1) 2015: 66-78
  • 'So now i'm the man' : intimate partner femicide and its interconnections with expressions of masculinities in South Africa / Shanaaz Matthews, Rachel Jewkes and Naeemah Abrahams
    British journal of criminology 55(1) Jan 2015: 107-124
  • The implications of uncertainty in the law of criminal causation for the one-punch homicide offence in Western Australia / Sophie Taylor
    University of Western Australia law review 38(2) Jan 2015: 62-85
  • The prevalence of alcohol-involved homicide offending : a meta-analytic review / Joseph B Kuhns, M Lyn Exum, Tammatha A Clodfelter and Martha Cecilia Bottia
    Homicide studies 18(3) Aug 2014: 251-270
  • The profiles of victims, perpetrators, and unfounded beliefs in honor killings in Turkey / Recep Dogan
    Homicide studies 18(4) Nov 2014: 389-416
  • Who kills whom in Portugal? / Ferreira E de Castro, F Pimenta and I Martins
    Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica 83(2) Feb 1991: 92-98