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Homicide: March 2015

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Journal articles

  • Adrian Bayley verdict : Victorian parole system now toughest in Australia, Minister says
    ABC news (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 27 Mar 2015:[3] p
  • Killer decisions : the role of cognition, affect and 'expertise' in homicide / Fiona Brookman
    Aggression and violent behavior vol. 20 Jan/Feb 2015: 42-52
  • Men who kill policemen / Michael H Stone
    Violence and gender 2(1) 2015: 87-97
  • Necessity and murder / Nathan Tamblyn
    Journal of criminal law 79(1) Feb 2015: 46-54
  • The Weckert murders / Keith Bradley
    Australian police journal (APJ) 69(1) 2015: 26-33