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Indigenous justice: April 2015

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • Assessing the prison experience for Australian First Peoples : a prospective research approach / John Rynne and Peter Cassematis
    International journal for crime, justice and social democracy 5(1) 2015: 96-112
  • Campaign to end violence
    Koori Mail no. 598 08 Apr 2015: 19
  • Ethnocide and Indigenous peoples : Article 8 of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples / Sandra Pruim
    Adelaide law review 35(2) 2014: 269-308
  • Funding restored to legal services
    Koori Mail no. 598 08 Apr 2015: 24
  • NT lock-up laws to be challenged
    Koori Mail no. 598 Apr 08: 14
  • Riotous or righteous behaviour? Representations of subaltern resistance in the Australian mainstream media / Amanda Porter
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(3) Mar 2015: 289-304
  • State of imprisonment : if locking 'em up is the goal, NT's a success / Pippa Rudd
    The conversation. 20 Apr 2015:[5] p
  • The structure of Aboriginal child welfare in Canada / Vandna Sinha and Anna Kozlowski
    International Indigenous policy journal 4(2) 2013: 1-21
  • Ticking timebomb : why ice could be the new drug scourge of the outback / Helen Davidson
    Guardian (newspaper). 27 Mar 2015:[7] p
  • 'Word of mouse' : Indigenous harm reduction and online consumerism of the synthetic compound methoxphenidine / Marie Claire van Hout and Evelyn Hearne
    Journal of psychoactive drugs 47(1) Jan/Mar 2015: 30-41