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Indigenous justice: May 2015

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Journal articles

  • Child and domestic abuse in Indigenous communities 'chronically undisclosed' / Helen Davidson
    Guardian (newspaper). 30 Mar 2015:[4] p
  • Coalition wants record changed / Jillian Mundy
    Koori Mail no. 600 06 May 2015: 7
  • Community-led integrated services : a vehicle for realising children's rights / Emma Sydnenham and Holly Mason-White
    Indigenous law bulletin 8(17) Mar/Apr 2015: 3-6
  • Fetal Alcohol Disorder, disability and the criminal justice system / Clare Townsend, Janet Hammill and Paul White
    Indigenous law bulletin 8(17) Mar/Apr 2015: 30-33
  • Glimmers of hope in a broken child protection system / Pip Martin
    Indigenous law bulletin 8(17) Mar/Apr 2015: 16-19
  • Historical reasoning about Indigenous imprisonment : a community of fate? / Tim Rowse
    Australian Review of Public Affairs 13(1) Apr 2015: 1-21
  • Implementing restorative justice to address Indigenous youth recidivism and over-incarceration in the ACT : navigating law reform dynamics / Sarah Xin Yi Chua and Tony Foley
    Australian Indigenous law review 18(1) 2014/15: 138-152
  • Ms Dhu death inquest ordered
    Koori Mail no. 600 06 May 2015: 12
  • Protecting Indigenous children's familial and cultural connections : reflections on recent amendments to the Care and Protection Act 2007 (NT) / Kyllie Cripps and Julian Laurens
    Indigenous law bulletin 8(17) Mar/Apr 2015: 11-15
  • Redress in response to institutional sexual abuse of Indigenous children / Terri Libesman and Hannah McGlade
    Indigenous law bulletin 8(17) Mar/Apr 2015: 34-37
  • Self-harm and help-seeking among Aboriginal and Torres Strait children and young people / Megan Mitchell and Mick Gooda
    Indigenous law bulletin 8(17) Mar/Apr 2015: 24-29
  • The predictive validity of the LS/CMI with Aboriginal offenders in Canada / J Stephen Wormith, Sarah M Hogg and Lina Guzzo
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(5) May 2015: 481-508
  • Wait for Bowraville response / Natalie Cromb
    Koori Mail no. 600 06 May 2015: 11
  • 'Word of mouse' : Indigenous harm reduction and online consumerism of the synthetic compound methoxphenidine / Marie Claire van Hout and Evelyn Hearne
    Journal of psychoactive drugs 47(1) Jan/Mar 2015: 30-41