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Juvenile justice: January 2014

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Journal articles

  • A detailed cost evaluation of a juvenile drug court that follows the juvenile drug court model (16 strategies) / Shannon Carey, Theresa Allen, Tamara Perkins and Mark Waller
    Juvenile and family court journal 64(4) 2013: 1-20
  • A spate of random, cruel murders, committed by teens : coincidence or a sign? [Boys gone bad] / Richard Guilliatt
    Weekend Australian magazine. 23/24 Nov 2013:10-14
  • Coming of age : legal and psychological implications related to juvenile vulnerability and incarceration / Emma Collins and Christopher J Lennings
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 20(6) Dec 2013: 824-833
  • Correctional treatment programmes for young offenders in Europe : a survey of routine practice / Johann A Koehler, Leah Hamilton and Friedrich Losel
    European journal on criminal policy and research 19(4) 2013: 387-400
  • Ending gang and youth violence : a critique / Joe Cottrell-Boyce
    Youth justice 13(3) Dec 2013: 193-206
  • Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in children : implications for judicial administration / Samantha Parkinson and Sara McLean
    Journal of judicial administration 22(3) 2013: 138-145
  • How long did it last? A 10-year reconviction follow-up study of high intensity training for young offenders / Darrick Jolliffe, David P Farrington and Philip Howard
    Journal of experimental criminology 9(4) Dec 2013: 515-531
  • Impacts of juvenile probation training models on youth recidivism / Douglas. Young, Jill Farrell and Faye Taxman
    Justice quarterly 30(6) 2013: 1068-1089
  • Indigenous Australians, mental and cognitive impairment and the criminal justice system / Peta MacGillivray and Eileen Baldry
    Indigenous law bulletin 8(9) Nov/Dec 2013: 22-26
    Summary: Since 2011 the Indigenous Australians with Mental Health Disorder and Cognitive Disability (IAMHDCH) Project, based at the University of New South Wales, has been investigating the life course pathways of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people withmental and cognitive disability in contact with the criminal justice and human service systems.
  • 'It lets out all my demons' : female young offenders' perceptions about the impact of alcohol on their offending behaviour / Alex Newbury and Gavin Dingwall
    International journal of law, crime and justice 41(4) Dec 2013: 277-291
  • Lifers admitted as juveniles in the Canadian prison population / Rick Ruddell and Justin Gileno
    Youth justice 13(3) Dec 2013: 234-248
  • Naming young offenders : implications of research for reform / Jodie O'Leary
    Criminal law journal 37(6) 2013: 377-389
  • Poly-victimization among juvenile justice-involved youths / Julian D Ford, Damion J Grasso, Josephine Hawke and John F Chapman
    Child abuse and neglect 37(10) Oct 2013: 788-800
  • Scared straight : boot camps for Queensland / Kelly M Richards and Terry Hutchinson
    Alternative law journal 38(4) 2013: 229-233
  • Sharp drop in crime committed by WA's worst young offenders / Phil Hickey and Katie Robertson
    PerthNow no. 17 Jan 2014 17 Jan 2014: [2] p
  • The impact of girlfriends on desistance processes among socially deprived young adults / Steffen Zdun and Jennifer Scholl
    European journal of crime, criminal law and criminal justice 21(3/4) 2013: 339-358
  • The prevalence of risk factors for general recidivism in female adolescent sexual offenders : a comparison of three subgroups / Claudia E Van Der Put
    Child abuse and neglect 37(9) Sep 2013: 691-697
  • The validity and reliability of the violence risk scale-youth version in a diverse sample of violent young offenders / Keira Stockdale, Mark E Olver and Stephen C P Wong
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(1) Jan 2014: 114-138
  • Transforming teens : measuring the effects of restorative justice principles in a teen court setting / Kenneth Laundra, Keyria Rodgers and Heidi Zapp
    Juvenile and family court journal 64(4) 2013: 21-34
  • Understanding the relationship between proactive and reactive aggression, and cyberbullying across United States and Singapore adolescent samples / Rebecca P Ang, Vivien S Huan and Dan Florell
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(2) Jan 2014: 237-254
  • Violent youth group involvement, self-reported offending and victimisation : an empirical assessment of an integrated informal control/lifestyle model / Lieven Pauwels and Robert Svensson
    European journal on criminal policy and research 19(4) 2013: 369-386
  • Young people as objects of police control in a Nordic context : who are the socially visible targets? / Elsa Saarikkomaki and Janne Kivivuori
    European journal on criminal policy and research 19(4) 2013: 351-368