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Juvenile justice: February 2014

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Book chapters

Journal articles

  • Agreements in restorative justice conferences : exploring the implications of agreements for post-conference offending behaviour / Hennessey Hayes, Tara Renae McGee, Helen Punter and Michael John Cerruto
    British journal of criminology 54(1) Jan 2014: 109-127
  • Effective correctional intervention programmes for juveniles : review and synthesis of meta-analytic evidence / Bitna Kim, Alida V Merlo and Peter J Benekos
    International journal of police science and management 15(3) 2013: 169-189
  • Empathy as a predictor of recidivism among young adult offenders / Eva M Bock and Daniela Hosser
    Psychology, crime and law 20(1/2) Jan/Feb 2014: 101-115
  • Family-focused interventions to prevent juvenile delinquency : a case where science and policy can find common ground / Abigail A Fagan
    Criminology and public policy 12(4) Nov 2013: 617-650
  • Females in the juvenile justice system : who are they and how do they fare? / Charlotte Lyn Bright, Patricia L Kohl and Melissa Jonson-Reid
    Crime and delinquency 60(1) Feb 2014: 106-125
  • 'Is the quarterback a 'crip'?' : the presence of gangs in collegiate athletics programs / Jeff Rojek, Scott H Decker, Geoffrey P Alpert and J Andrew Hansen
    Criminal justice review 38(4) Dec 2013: 452-472
  • Juvenile female sex offenders : offender and offence characteristics / Miriam Wijkman, Catrien Bijleveld and Jan Hendriks
    European journal of criminology 11(1) Jan 2014: 23-38
  • Peer effects in offending behaviour across contexts : disentangling selection, opportunity and learning processes / Harald Beier
    European journal of criminology 11(1) Jan 2014: 73-90
  • Short- and long-term outcome results from a multisite evaluation of the G.R.E.A.T. program / Finn-Aage Esbensen, D Wayne Osgood, Dana Peterson, Terrance J Taylor and Dena Carson
    Criminology and public policy 12(3) Aug 2013: 375-411
  • The end is not in sight : the over-representation of Aboriginal youth in custody in Ontario 2004-2010 / Jonathan Rudin and Liora Zimmerman
    Criminal law quarterly 60(3) Jan 2014: 433-446
  • The gang problem : fabricated panics or real temporal patterns? / Gary F Jensen and Jarrett Thibodeaux
    Homicide studies 17(3) Aug 2013: 275-290
  • The Good Lives Model : new directions for preventative practice with children? / Lucy Wainwright and Claire Nee
    Psychology, crime and law 20(1/2) Jan/Feb 2014: 166-182
  • The neuropsychological contributors to psychopathic personality traits in adolescence / Joshua S May and Kevin M Beaver
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(3) Mar 2014: 265-285
  • The overlap between offending trajectories, criminal violence, and intimate partner violence / Alex R Piquero, Delphine Theobald and David P Farrington
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(3) Mar 2014: 286-302
  • Youth gang desistance : an examination of the effect of different operational definitions of desistance on the motivations, methods, and consequences associated with leaving the gang / Dena Carson, Dana Peterson and Finn-Aage Esbensen
    Criminal justice review 38(4) Dec 2013: 510-534