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Juvenile justice: April 2014

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Journal articles

  • A systematic review of the juvenile justice intervention literature : what it can (and cannot) tell us about what works with delinquent youth / Michelle Evans-Chase and Huiquan Zhou
    Crime and delinquency 60(3) Apr 2014: 451-470
  • An assessment of risk factors for early death among a sample of previously incarcerated youth / Patricia Stoddard-Dare, Miyuki Fukushima Tedor, Linda Quinn and Christopher A Mallett
    Criminal justice studies 27(2) Jun 2014: 191-209
  • Criminal attitudes and psychopathic personality attributes of youth gang offenders in Singapore / Chi Meng Chu, Michael Daffern, Stuart D M Thomas, Yaming Ang and Mavis Long
    Psychology, crime and law 20(3/4) Apr/May 2014: 284-301
  • 'Dangerous ideas' can lead to better results / Chris Vanstone
    Public administration today no. 38 Apr/Jun 2014: 14-17
  • Examining the relationship between school suspensions/expulsions and felonies / Craig J Forsyth, Gary Asmus, Holly Howat, Lai K Pei, York A Forsyth and Billy R Stokes
    Criminal justice studies 27(2) Jun 2014: 149-158
  • Factors affecting juvenile care workers' intent to continue working in juvenile corrections / Megan M Armstrong, Joyce A Hartje and William P Evans
    Criminal justice review 39(1) Mar 2014: 5-18
  • Mired in Miranda misconceptions : a study of legally involved juveniles at different levels of psychosocial maturity / Richard Rogers, Jennifer A Steadham, Chelsea E Fiduccia, Eric Y Drogin and Emily V Robinson
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(1) Jan/Feb: 104-120
  • Moving beyond the ASBO? A review of the proposed anti-social behaviour measures and their implications for children / Alexandra Wigzell
    Safer communities : a journal of practice, opinion, policy and research 13(2) 2014: 73-82
  • Policing juveniles : domestic violence arrest policies, gender, and police response to child-parent violence / Kevin J. Strom, Tara Warner, Lisa Tichavsky and Margaret A Zahn
    Crime and delinquency 60(3) Apr 2014: 427-450
  • Policy issues regarding the overrepresentation of incarcerated Aboriginal young offenders in a Canadian context / Raymond R Corrado, Sarah Kuehn and Irina Margaritescu
    Youth justice 14(1) Apr 2014: 40-62
  • Self-control and the depression-delinquency link / Brianna Remster
    Deviant behavior 35(1/3) 2014: 66-84
  • 'Setting them up to fail' : system responses to dual order Child Protection and Youth Justice clients / Susan Baidawi, Philip Mendes and Pamela C Snow
    Alternative law journal 39(1) 2014: 31-35
  • Shelter during the storm : a search for factors that protect at-risk adolescents from violence / Marvin D Krohn, Alan J Lizotte, Shawn D Bushway, Nicole M Schmidt and Matthew D Phillips
    Crime and delinquency 60(3) Apr 2014: 379-401
  • The adolescence-adulthood transition and Robins's continuity paradox : criminal career patters of juvenile and adult sex offenders in a prospective longitudinal birth cohort study / Patrick Lussier and Arjan A J Blokland
    Journal of criminal justice 42(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 153-163
  • The hidden curriculum of youth policy : a Dutch example / Marit Hopman, Micha De Winter and Willem Koops
    Youth and society 46(3) May 2014: 360-378
  • The indeterminacy of the risk factor prevention paradigm : a case study of community partnerships implementing youth and gang violence prevention policy / Tim Goddard
    Youth justice 14(1) Apr 2014: 3-21
  • The juvenile sex offender : the effect of employment on offending / Chantal Van den Berg, Catrien Bijleveld, Jan Hendriks and Irma Mooi-Reci
    Journal of criminal justice 42(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 145-152
  • The long term recidivism risk of young sexual offenders in England and Wales : enduring risk or redemption / Claire Hargreaves and Brian Francis
    Journal of criminal justice 42(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 164-172
  • Violent female youth : an examination of instrumental violence, psychology, and offense characteristics / Erin L Hutton and Michael Woodworth
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(1) Jan/Feb: 121-134
  • Your story and theirs : the Youth Justice Group Conferencing Program / Christopher Hooper
    Monash University law review 39(2) 2013: 539-567
  • Youth justice back at the crossroads / Sean Creaney and Roger Smith
    Safer communities : a journal of practice, opinion, policy and research 13(2) 2014: 83-87
  • Youth still locked up
    Koori Mail no. 574 23 Apr 2014: 6