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Juvenile justice: May 2014

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Journal articles

  • A complete overhaul of the bail system? The incoming New South Wales Bail Act 2013 and Aboriginal juvenile offenders / Caitlin Weatherby-Fell
    Indigenous law bulletin 8(11) Mar/Apr 2014: 24-29
  • Gang involvement : social and environmental factors / Emma Alleyne and Jane L Wood
    Crime and delinquency 60(4) Jun 2014: 547-568
  • Gang joining in Denmark : prevalence and correlates of street gang membership / Maria Libak Pedersen
    Journal of Scandinavian studies in criminology and crime prevention 15(1) May 2014: 55-72
  • Gender differences in associations with deviant peer groups : examining individual, interactional, and compositional factors / Constance Chapple, Jamie Vaske and Meredith G F Worthen
    Deviant behavior 35(4/6) Apr/Jun 2014: 394-411
  • Juvenile crime and juvenile justice : patterns, models, and implications for clinical and legal practice / Laurence Miller
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 122-137
  • Juveniles who have committed sexual offenses : a special group? / Amanda M Fanniff and Eva R Kimonis
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 240-257
  • Mental health concerns and behavioral problems in young offenders in the criminal justice system / Dianna T Kenny
    Judicial officers' bulletin 26(4) May 2014: 1-4
  • Older child or near-adult? Resolving age boundary quandaries / Nigel Stone
    Youth justice 14(1) Apr 2014: 77-88
  • Shifting 'tough on crime' to keeping kids out of jail : exploring organizational adaptability and sustainability at a mental health agency serving adjudicated children living with severe mental illness / Kristine Artello
    Criminal justice policy review 25(3) May 2014: 378-396
  • The imagination of desistance : a juxtaposition of the construction of incarceration as a turning point and the reality of recidivism / Michaela Soyer
    British journal of criminology 54(1) Jan 2014: 91-108
  • The life course of young male and female offenders : stability or change between different birth cohorts? / Olof Backman, Felipe Estrada, Anders Nilsson and David Shannon
    British journal of criminology 54(3) May 2014: 393-410
  • The relative impact of gang status transitions : identifying the mechanisms of change in delinquency / Chris Melde and Finn-Aage Esbensen
    Journal of research in crime and delinquency 51(3) May 2014: 349-376
  • Violent stories : personal narratives, street socialization, and the negotiation of street culture among street-oriented youth / Timothy R Lauger
    Criminal justice review 39(2) Jun 2014: 182-200