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Juvenile justice: June 2014

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Journal articles

  • Anti-social behaviour legislation and the policing of boy racers : dispersal orders and seizure of vehicles / Karen Lumsden
    Policing : a journal of policy and practice 8(2) 2014: 135-143
  • Buffering effects of religiosity on crime : testing the invariance hypothesis across gender and developmental period / Christopher P Salas-Wright, Michael G Vaughn and Brandy R Maynard
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(6) Jun 2014: 673-691
  • 'From your first cigarette to your last dyin' day' : the patterning of gang membership in the life-course / David C Pyrooz
    Journal of quantitative criminology 30(2) Jun 2014: 349-372
  • Juvenile economic sanctions : a logical alternative? / Tamara Walsh
    Criminology and public policy 13(1) Feb 2014: 69-77
  • Juvenile economic sanctions : an analysis of their imposition, payment, and effect on recidivism / Stacy H Haynes, Alison C Cares and R Barry Ruback
    Criminology and public policy 13(1) Feb 2014: 31-60
  • Mentoring programs to affect delinquency and associated outcomes of youth at risk : a comprehensive meta-analytic review / Patrick H Tolan, David B Henry, Peter Lovegrove and Emily Nichols
    Journal of experimental criminology 10(2) Jun 2014: 179-206
  • Moving from description to implementation of evidence-based research findings / Alex R Piquero
    Criminology and public policy 13(1) Feb 2014: 127-134
  • Peer group association, the acceptance of norms and violent behaviour : a longitudinal analysis of reciprocal effects / Daniel Seddig
    European journal of criminology 11(3) May 2014: 319-339
  • Psychopathic traits and age of crime onset in male juvenile delinquents / Pedro Pechorro, Joao Maroco, Rui Abrunhosa Goncalves, Cristina Nunes and Saul Neves Jesus
    European journal of criminology 11(3) May 2014: 288-302
  • Serious, violent, and chronic juvenile offenders : a statewide analysis of prevalence and prediction of subsequent recidivism using risk and protective factors / Michael T Baglivio, Katherine Jackowski, Mark A Greenwald and James C Howell
    Criminology and public policy 13(1) Feb 2014: 83-116
  • Sustainability of the effects of multisystemic therapy for juvenile delinquents in The Netherlands : effects on delinquency and recidivism / Jessica J Asscher, Maja Dekovic, Desmond Manderson, Sander Van Arum and Dutch MST Cost-Effectiveness Study Group
    Journal of experimental criminology 10(2) Jun 2014: 227-243
  • The costs of delinquency / Mark A Greenwald, Sherry L Jackson and Michael T Baglivio
    Criminology and public policy 13(1) Feb 2014: 61-67
  • The predictive validity of risk assessment approaches for young Australian offenders / Stephane M Shepherd, Stefan Luebbers, James R P Ogloff, Rachael Fullam and Mairead C Dolan
    Psychiatry, psychology and law. 13 May 2014:17 p
  • The 'true' juvenile offender : age effects and juvenile court sanctioning / Daniel P Mears, Joshua C Cochran, Brian Stults, Sarah J Greenman, Avinash S Bhati and Mark A Greenwald
    Criminology 52(2) May 2014: 169-194
  • Translating research into evidence-based practice in juvenile justice : brand-name programs, meta-analysis, and key issues / Brandon C Welsh, Michael Rocque and Peter W Greenwood
    Police practice and research 10(2) Jun 2014: 207-225
  • Usual suspects, ideal victims and vice versa : the relationship between youth offending and victimization and the mediating influence of risky lifestyles / Diederik Cops and Stefaan Pleysier
    European journal of criminology 11(3) May 2014: 361-378