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Juvenile justice: July 2014

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Journal articles

  • A question of family? Youth and gangs / Tara Young, Wendy Fitzgibbon and Daniel Silverstone
    Youth justice 14(2) 2014: 171-185
  • Adolescents who assault their parents : a different family profile of young offenders? / Lourdes Contreras and Carmen Cano
    Violence and victims 29(3) 2014: 393-406
  • Blurred lines : reconsidering the concept of 'diversion' in youth justice systems in Australia / Kelly M Richards
    Youth justice 14(2) 2014: 122-139
  • Gats and gashes : street culture and distinctions in the nature of violence between youth and adult offenders / Kyle A Burgason, Shaun A Thomas, Emily R Berthelot and L Chris Burkey
    Deviant behavior 35(7/9) 2014: 534-554
  • Hacking in high school : cybercrime perpetration by juveniles / Catherine D Marcum, George E Higgins, Melissa L Ricketts and Scott E Wolfe
    Deviant behavior 35(7/9) 2014: 581-591
  • Live music gigs : providing an alternative to underage drinking in Byron Bay / Nicqui Yazdi
    GrogWatch (Australian Drug Foundation). 01 Jul 2014:[5,iii] p
  • Measuring antisocial values and attitudes in justice-involved male youth : evaluating the psychometric properties of the pride in delinquency scale and the criminal sentiments scale-modified / Tracey Skilling and Geoff B Sorge
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(8) Aug 2014: 992-1007