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Juvenile justice: February 2015

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Book chapters

  • Youth justice
    Productivity Commission, 2015

Journal articles

  • A self-categorization theory perspective on adolescent boys' sexual bullying of girls / Elysia Page, Rosalyn Shute and Angus McLachlan
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(3) Feb 2015: 371-383
  • Aboriginal young people in the Children's Court of Western Australia : findings from the national assessment of Australian Children's Courts / Caroline A Spiranovic, Joseph Clare, Lorana Bartels, Michael (Mike) Clare and Brenda Clare
    University of Western Australia law review 38(2) Jan 2015: 86-116
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of a victim impact intervention through the examination of changes in dynamic risk scores / Michael Baglivio and Katherine Jackowski
    Criminal justice policy review 26(1) Feb 2015: 7-28
  • Fitness to plead in Queensland's youth justice system: the need for pragmatic reform / Suzie O'Toole, Jodie O'Leary and Bruce D Watt
    Criminal law journal 39(1) 2015: 40-52
  • Imprisoning juveniles / Andrew M West
    Queensland lawyer 34(4) 2014: 154-156
  • Risk profiles for early adolescents who regularly use alcohol and other drugs compared with older youth / Sarah J MacLean, Jozica J Kutin, David Best, Andrew Bruun and Rachael Green
    Vulnerable children and youth studies 9(1) 2014: 17-27
  • Substance use and risk of death in young offenders : a prospective data linkage study / Stuart A Kinner, Louisa Degenhardt, Carolyn Coffey, Stephen Hearps, Matthew J Spittal, Susan M Sawyer and George C Patton
    Drug and alcohol review 34(1) Jan 2015: 46-50
  • The best interest of the child and the child's right to participate in administrative court proceedings / Virve-Maria de Godzinsky
    Research report summaries (National Research Institute of Legal Policy) no. 267 2014: 32-36
  • The mis-synchronization of juvenile reform : competing constructions of temporality and risk among rehabilitation programs and young offenders / Valli Rajah, Ronald Kramer and Hung-En Sung
    British journal of criminology 55(1) Jan 2015: 184-202
  • Unintended consequences of multiple bail conditions for youth / Jane B Sprott and Jessica Sutherland
    Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice 57(1) Jan 2015: 59-81
  • What works for whom? The effects of gender responsive programming on girls and boys in secure detention / Jacob C Day and Margaret A Zahn
    Journal of research in crime and delinquency 52(1) Feb 2015: 93-129
  • Youth crime and the responsibilisation of parents : the case for parental control orders / James McLean
    University of Western Australia law review 38(2) Jan 2015: 117-151