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Juvenile justice: March 2015

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • Assessing the implications of a structured decision-making tool for recidivism in a statewide analysis : disposition matrix for court recommendations made by juvenile probation officers / Michael T Baglivio, Mark A Greenwald and Mark Russell
    Criminology and public policy 14(1) Feb 2015: 5-49
  • Child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church : a review of global perspectives / Karen J Terry
    International journal of comparative and applied criminal justice 39(2) May 2015: 139-154
  • Examining implementation of risk assessment in case management for youth in the justice system / Michele Peterson-Badali, Tracey Skilling and Zohrah Haqanee
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(3) Mar 2015: 304-320
  • Groups oppose WA law move
    Koori Mail no. 597 25 Mar 2015: 19
  • Justice reinvestment : circuit breaker for a failing prison system?
    Of substance 13(1) Mar 2015: 3
  • Juvenile sex offending : its prevalence and the criminal justice response / Kate Warner and Lorana Bartels
    University of New South Wales law journal 38(1) 2015: 48-76
  • NSW Youth Koori Court pilot program commences / Sue Duncombe
    Judicial officers' bulletin 27(2) Mar 2015: 11-14
  • Responding to youth sexual offending : a field-based practice model that 'closes the gap' on sexual recidivism among Indigenous and non-Indigenous males / Troy Allard, Susan (Sue) Rayment-McHugh, Dimity Adams, Stephen W Smallbone and Nadine McKillop
    Journal of sexual aggression. 30 Jan 2015:13 p
  • Soliciting community involvement and support for restorative justice through community service / William R Wood
    Criminal justice policy review 26(2) Mar 2015: 131-155
  • Structured dispositional matrix for court recommendations made by juvenile probation officers / Felicia Cotton and Jennifer Owen
    Criminology and public policy 14(1) Feb 2015: 59-65
  • Student perspectives on the reasons for physical violence in a Thai vocational college : an exploratory study / Nualnong Wongtongkam, Paul R Ward, Andrew Day and Anthony H Winefield
    Deviant behavior 36(1/2/3) Jan/Feb/Mar 2015: 187-199
  • Testing the situational explanation of victimization among adolescents / Margit Averdijk and Wim Bernasco
    Journal of research in crime and delinquency 52(2) Mar 2015: 151-180
  • The determination of victim credibility by adult and juvenile sexual assault investigators / Bradley A Campbell, Tasha A Menaker and William R King
    Journal of criminal justice 43(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 29-39
  • Triage : line or nets? Early intervention and the youth justice system / Sarah Soppitt and Adele Irving
    Safer communities : a journal of practice, opinion, policy and research 13(4) 2014: 147-160
  • Youth deserve a better system
    Koori Mail no. 595 25 Feb 2015: 20
  • Youth detention system 'failing'
    Koori Mail no. 595 25 Feb 2015: 15