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Juvenile justice: May 2015

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Journal articles

  • Changes in the prevalence and nature of violent crime by youth in Victoria, Australia / Nina Papalia, Stuart D M Thomas, Hannah Ching and Michael Daffern
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(2) Apr 2015: 213-223
  • Characteristics of mentally disordered youth referred to a forensic satellite clinic for violence risk assessment : a case control study / Gennady N Baksheev, Danny H Sullivan, Richard Fraser, Catherine Greenwood-Smith, Jennifer G McCarthy, David Reid, Anthea Lemphers and Rosemary Purcell
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(2) Apr 2015: 235-246
  • Children first, offenders second : the centrality of engagement in positive youth justice / Stephen Case and Kevin Haines
    The Howard journal of criminal justice 54(2) May 2015: 157-175
  • Creating the Youth Justice Board : policy and policy making in English and Welsh youth justice / Anna Souhami
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 15(2) Apr 2015: 152-168
  • Delinquency and alcohol use among adolescents in Europe : the role of cultural contexts / Uberto Gatti, Renate Soellner, Astrid-Britta Braker, Alfredo Verde and Gabriele Rocca
    European journal of criminology 12(3) May 2015: 363-377
  • Delinquency in emerging adult females : the importance of callous-unemotionality and impulsivity / Andrew C White and Carlin J Miller
    Deviant behavior 36(4-6) 2015: 245-258
  • Gender, pressure, coercion and pleasure : untangling motivations for sexting between young people / Murray Lee and Thomas Crofts
    British journal of criminology 55(3) May 2015: 454-473
  • Heavy drinking ensnares adolescents into crime in early adulthood / Jessica M Craig, Robert G Morris, Alex R Piquero and David P Farrington
    Journal of criminal justice 43(2) Mar/Apr 2015: 142-151
  • 'I blame the parents' : analysing popular support for the deficient household social capital transmission thesis / Alan Collins, Joe Cox and Alan Leonard
    The Howard journal of criminal justice 54(2) May 2015: 135-156
  • Implementing restorative justice to address Indigenous youth recidivism and over-incarceration in the ACT : navigating law reform dynamics / Sarah Xin Yi Chua and Tony Foley
    Australian Indigenous law review 18(1) 2014/15: 138-152
  • Interpersonal youth violence perpetration and victimization in a diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander adolescent sample / Earl S Hishinuma, Janice Y Chang, Deborah A Goebert, Susana Helm, Iwalani R N Else and Jeanelle J Sugimoto-Matsuda
    Violence and victims 30(2) 2015: 225-249
  • 'It's like working away for two weeks' : the harms associated with young drug dealers commuting from a saturated London drug market / James Windle and Daniel Briggs
    Crime prevention and community safety 17(2) 2015: 105-119
  • Juvenile offenders on trial : does alibi corroboration evidence and defendant age interact to influence jurors' perceptions and verdicts? / Joanna D Pozzulo, Jennifer L Pettalia, Julie L Dempsey and Amanda Gooden
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(2) Apr 2015: 224-234
  • Kids, groups, and crime : in defense of conventional wisdom / Franklin E Zimring and Hannah Laqueur
    Journal of research in crime and delinquency 52(3) May 2015: 403-413
  • Kill one or kill them all? Differences between single and multiple victim school attacks / Rebecca Bondu and Herbert Scheithauer
    European journal of criminology 12(3) May 2015: 277-299
  • Offending outcomes of a mental health youth diversion pilot scheme in England / Alina Haines, Steven Lane, James McGuire, Elizabeth Perkins and Richard Whittington
    Criminal behaviour and mental health 25(2) 2015: 126-140
  • Parents of adolescents who have sexually offended : providing support and coping with the experience / Sara Jones
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(8) May 2015: 1299-1321
  • Predictors of methamphetamine use among adolescents : findings from a Midwestern sample / Dana L Radatz, Abby L Vandenberg and Lisa L Sample
    Journal of drug issues 45(2) Apr 2015: 100-117
  • Self-control and lifestyles : associations to juvneile offending, violent victimization, and witnessing violence / Margit Wiesner and Saira Rab
    Victims and offenders 10(2) Apr/Jun 2015: 214-237
  • The Australian youth homeless Experience : evidence from a longitudinal survey of homeless youth / Paul Flatau
    Parity 28(3) Apr 2015: 4-6
  • Victimization, offending, and perceived risk for early violent death / Marie Skubak Tillyer
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(5) May 2015: 529-545
  • 'You see it everywhere, it's just natural' : contextualising the role of peers, family, and neighborhood in initial substance use / Stacia Gilliard-Matthews, Robin Stevens, Madison Nilsen and Jamie Dunaev
    Deviant behavior 36(4/6) 2015: 492-509
  • Youth involvement in anti-gay and anti-lesbian bias crimes / Rebecca L Stotzer
    Violence and victims 30(2) 2015: 308-321