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People trafficking: July 2014

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  • Trafficking in persons in Australia : myths and realities / Andreas Schloenhardt and Jarrod Jolly
    LexisNexis Butterworths, 2013

Journal articles

  • Human trafficking : improving victim identification and service provision / David Okech, Whitney Morreau and Kathleen Benson
    International social work 55(4) 2011: 488-503
  • Human trafficking and modern day slavery : an affront to human dignity / Fiona McLeod
    Griffith journal of law and human dignity 2(1) 2014: 144-173
  • Not all madams have a central role : analysis of a Nigerian sex trafficking network / Marina Mancuso
    Trends in organized crime 17(1/2) Jun 2014: 66-88
  • Of bogus hunters, queenpins and mules : the varied roles of women in transnational organized crime in Southern Africa / Annette Hubschle
    Trends in organized crime 17(1/2) Jun 2014: 31-51
  • Victims, sex workers and perpetrators : gray areas in the trafficking of nigerian women / Eva Lo Iacono
    Trends in organized crime 17(1/2) Jun 2014: 110-128