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People trafficking: January 2015

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Journal articles

  • Counting shadows : measuring trafficking in persons in Australia / Matthew Wise and Andreas Schloenhardt
    International journal of criminology and sociology vol. 3 2014: 249-266
  • Identifying victims of human trafficking / Dawn Eccleston
    Community practitioner 86(5) May 2013: 40-42
  • The wedding vow / Caroline Overington
    Weekend Australian magazine. 11 Feb 2012:[7] p
  • Trafficking in human beings in the European Union : gender, sexual exploitation, and digital communication technologies / Donna M Hughes
    SAGE Open no. Oct/Dec 2014: 1-8
  • Trafficking in human beings, enslavement, crimes against humanity : unravelling the concepts / Harmen van der Wilt
    Chinese journal of international law 13(2) 2014: 297-334
  • What does policy have to do with it? The political economy of Latino sex trafficking in the United States / Lauren Copley
    Crime, law and social change 62(5) 2014: 571-584