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Recidivism and desistance: January 2014

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Journal articles

  • A developmental approach to the risk of a first recurrence in child protective services / Sonia Helie, Catherine Laurier, Catherine Pineau-Villeneuve and Marie-Noele Royer
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1132-1141
  • Childhood sexual victimization, pedophilic interest, and sexual recidivism / Kevin L Nunes, Chantal A Hermann, J Renee Malcom and Kayla Lavoie
    Child abuse and neglect 37(9) Sep 2013: 703-711
  • Early prevention of life-course personal and property violence : a 19-year follow-up of the Montreal Longitudinal-Experimental Study (MLES) / Frank Vitaro, Mara Brendgen, Charles-Edouard Giguere and Richard E Tremblay
    Journal of experimental criminology 9(4) Dec 2013: 411-427
  • Estimating the impact of mental illness on costs of crimes : a matched samples comparison / Michael Ostermann and Jason Matejkowski
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(1) Jan 2014: 20-40
  • Exploring the experiences of ex-offender mentors / Laura Kavanagh and Jo Borrill
    Probation journal 60(4) Dec 2013: 400-414
  • Extending our knowledge about recidivism of persons on federal supervision / Laura Baber and Mark Motivans
    Federal probation 77(2) Sep 2013: 23-27
  • How long did it last? A 10-year reconviction follow-up study of high intensity training for young offenders / Darrick Jolliffe, David P Farrington and Philip Howard
    Journal of experimental criminology 9(4) Dec 2013: 515-531
  • Impacts of juvenile probation training models on youth recidivism / Douglas. Young, Jill Farrell and Faye Taxman
    Justice quarterly 30(6) 2013: 1068-1089
  • Moving beyond BAC in DUI : identifying who is at risk of recidivating / Karen Dugosh, David S. Festinger and Douglas B Marlowe
    Criminology and public policy 12(2) May 2013: 181-193
  • Reducing recidivism through probation supervision : what we know and don't know from four decades of research / Christopher Trotter
    Federal probation. Sep 2013:43-46
  • The impact of aggravating and mitigating factors on the sentence severity of sex offenders : an exploration and comparison of differences between offending groups / Joanna Amirault and Eric Beauregard
    Criminal justice policy review 25(1) Jan 2014: 78-104
  • The impact of girlfriends on desistance processes among socially deprived young adults / Steffen Zdun and Jennifer Scholl
    European journal of crime, criminal law and criminal justice 21(3/4) 2013: 339-358
  • The impact of treatment on hostile-dominance in forensic psychiatric inpatients : relationships between change in hostile-dominance and recidivism following release from custody / Michael Daffern, Stuart D M Thomas, Stuart J Lee, Nick Huband, Lucy McCarthy, D. P. Simpson and Conor Duggan
    Journal of forensic psychiatry and psychology 24(6) Dec 2013: 675-687
  • The prevalence of risk factors for general recidivism in female adolescent sexual offenders : a comparison of three subgroups / Claudia E Van Der Put
    Child abuse and neglect 37(9) Sep 2013: 691-697
  • The validity and reliability of the violence risk scale-youth version in a diverse sample of violent young offenders / Keira Stockdale, Mark E Olver and Stephen C P Wong
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(1) Jan 2014: 114-138
  • Transforming teens : measuring the effects of restorative justice principles in a teen court setting / Kenneth Laundra, Keyria Rodgers and Heidi Zapp
    Juvenile and family court journal 64(4) 2013: 21-34