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Recidivism and desistance: April 2014

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Journal articles

  • A randomized experiment of a prisoner reentry program : updated results from an evaluation of the Minnesota Comprehensive Offender Reentry Plan (MCORP) / Grant Duwe
    Criminal justice studies 27(2) Jun 2014: 172-190
  • Community DSPD pilot services South London : rates of reconviction and impact supported housing on reducing recidivism / Matt Bruce, Sarah Crowley, Nikki Jeffcote and Belinda Coulston
    Criminal behaviour and mental health 24(2) 2014: 129-140
  • Community re-entry and the path toward desistance : a quasi-experimental longitudinal study of dynamic factors and community risk management of adult sex offenders / Patrick Lussier and L Z Carmen Gress
    Journal of criminal justice 42(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 111-122
  • Considering specialization/versatility as an unintended collateral consequence of SORN / Wesley G Jennings, Kristen M Zgoba, Christopher M Donner, Brandy B Henderson and Richard Tewksbury
    Journal of criminal justice 42(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 184-192
  • Employing mixed methods to explore motivational patterns of repeat sex offenders / Joan A Reid, Eric Beauregard, Karla M Fedina and Emily N Frith
    Journal of criminal justice 42(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 203-212
  • Good behaviour bonds and re-offending : the effect of bond length / Suzanne Poynton, Don Weatherburn and Lorana Bartels
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 47(1) Apr 2014: 25-43
  • Homelessness and reentry : a multisite outcome evaluation of Washington State's Reentry Housing Program for high risk offenders / Faith Lutze, Jeffrey W Rosky and Zachary K Hamilton
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(4) Apr 2014: 471-491
  • Offenders as victims : posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorder among male prisoners / Natasha Sindicich, Katherine L Mills, Emma L Barrett, Devon Indig, Sandra S Sunjic, Claudia Sannibale, Julia Rosenfeld and Lisa M Najavits
    Journal of forensic psychiatry and psychology 25(1) Jan 2014: 44-60
  • Prisoner reentry research from 2000 to 2010 : results of a narrative review / Benjamin J Wright, Sheldon X Zhang, David Farabee and Rick Braatz
    Criminal justice review 39(1) Mar 2014: 37-57
  • The adolescence-adulthood transition and Robins's continuity paradox : criminal career patters of juvenile and adult sex offenders in a prospective longitudinal birth cohort study / Patrick Lussier and Arjan A J Blokland
    Journal of criminal justice 42(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 153-163
  • The impact of DSM-5s alternative model for personality disorders on criminal defendants / Sarah Filone, Heidi Strohmaier, Megan Murphy and David DeMatteo
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(1) Jan/Feb: 135-148
  • The juvenile sex offender : the effect of employment on offending / Chantal Van den Berg, Catrien Bijleveld, Jan Hendriks and Irma Mooi-Reci
    Journal of criminal justice 42(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 145-152
  • The long term recidivism risk of young sexual offenders in England and Wales : enduring risk or redemption / Claire Hargreaves and Brian Francis
    Journal of criminal justice 42(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 164-172
  • Too many women in prison : a case study of an effective treatment of female inmates in Thailand / Nathee Chitsawang
    Resource Material Series (UNAFEI) no. 90 Aug 2013: 96-105
  • What works and what does not work in reducing juvenile graffiti offending? A comparison of changes that occurred in the frequency of persistent graffitists' patterns of offending following the announcement of two successive initiatives aimed at reducing g / Myra Frances Taylor and Umneea Khan
    Crime prevention and community safety 16(2) May 2014: 128-145
  • Women's risk factors and new treatments/interventions for addressing them : evidence-based interventions in the United States and Canada / Patricia Van Voorhis
    Resource Material Series (UNAFEI) no. 90 Aug 2013: 42-59