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Recidivism and desistance: November 2014

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Journal articles

  • A prison is not a home : troubling 'therapeutic remand' for criminalised women / Emma Russell and Cara Gledhill
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 27-28
  • A randomized controlled trial of brief motivational interviewing in impaired driving recidivists : a 5-year follow-up of traffic offenses and crashes / Marie Claude Ouimet, Maurice Dongier, Ivana Di Leo, Lucie Legault, Jacques Tremblay, Florence Chanut and Thomas G Brown
    Alcoholism : clinical and experimental research 37(11) Nov 2013: 1979-1985
  • An examination of the interrater reliability between practitioners and researchers on the static-99 / Stephen P Quesada, Cynthia Calkins and Elizabeth L Jeglic
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(11) Nov 2014: 1364-1375
  • Building a better future / New South Wales. Dept. of Corrective Services
    APCCA Newsletter no. 36 Mar 2014: 4-5
  • Decarceration and its possible effects on inmates, staff, and communities / Brett Garland, Nancy Hogan, Eric J Wodahl, Aida Hass, Mary K Stohr and Eric Lambert
    Punishment and society 16(4) 2014: 448-473
  • Do intervention plans meet criteria for effective practice to reduce recidivism? How probation officers forget about social capital and basic needs / Jacqueline Bosker, Cilia Witteman and Jo Hermanns
    European journal of probation 5(1) 2013: 65-85
  • Dynamic and static factors associated with discharge dispositions : the National Trajectory Project of Individuals Found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder (NCRMD) in Canada / Anne G Crocker, Tonia L Nicholls, Yanick Charette and Michael Seto
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(5) Sep/Oct 2014: 577-595
  • Integrating environmental considerations into prisoner risk assessments / Lisa Tompson and Spencer Chainey
    European journal of probation 5(2) 2013: 66-80
  • Predictors of recidivism over 3 years among substance-using women released from jail / Christy K Scott, Christine E Grella, Michael L Dennis and Rodney R Funk
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(11) Nov 2014: 1257-1289
  • Prisons and homelessness : breaking the cycle through the provision of civil legal services / Samantha Sowerwine
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 34-35
  • Restorativeness, procedural justice, and defiance as predictors of reoffending of participants in family group conferences / Natalie Kroovand Hipple, Jeff Gruenewald and Edmund F McGarrell
    Crime and delinquency 60(8) Dec 2014: 1131-1157
  • Sentenced to a job programme / Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises
    APCCA Newsletter no. 36 Mar 2014: 6-8
  • Sentencing contradictions : mental illness and the criminal justice system / Louis Schetzer and Samantha Sowerwine
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 53-55
  • Specialised training for Queensland Corrective Services staff who deliver sexual offending programmes / Queensland Corrective Services
    APCCA Newsletter no. 37 Jul 2014: 5-8
  • Spirituality and desistance from substance use among reentering offenders / Nicholas W Bakken, Whitney DeCamp and Christy A Visher
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(11) Nov 2014: 1321-1339
  • StreetCare : a case study in homeless consumer participation in law reform and policy advocacy / Louis Schetzer
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 38
  • The Fiji experience / Fiji Corrections Services
    APCCA Newsletter no. 36 Mar 2014: 12-16
  • The Police Intervention Initiative : collaboration or discrimination / Sam Schumann and Sue Garlick
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 18-19

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