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Recidivism and desistance: December 2014

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  • Core principles for reducing recidivism and improving other outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system / Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
    Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Jul 2014
  • Predicting criminal recidivism : a systematic review of offender risk assessments in Washington State
    Washington State Institute for Public Policy, 2014 Feb 2014
  • The effectiveness of declining juvenile court jurisdiction of youth
    Washington State Institute for Public Policy, 2013 Dec 2013

Journal articles

  • Can courtroom behavior predict recidivism? An assessment of the courtroom behavior check list for women presenting in drug court / Jennifer M Reingle, Catherine W Striley, Eusebius Small, Robert Crecelius, Catina Callahan O'Leary and Linda B Cottler
    American journal of criminal justice vol. 38 2013: 520-534
  • Does the risk of recidivism for supervised offenders improve over time? Examining changes in the dynamic risk characteristics for offenders under federal supervision / Thomas H Cohen and Scott VanBenschoten
    Federal probation 78(2) Sep 2014: 41-56
  • Finishing the job : providing a roadmap for post release education and employment / David Gould, Jason Hainsworth, Kevin Manning and Toni McLackland
    Australasian journal of correctional staff development 6([1]) 2011: 9 p
  • Opening doors or closing them? The impact of incarceration on the education and employability of ex-offenders in Ireland / Margaret Fitzgerald O'Reilly
    The Howard journal of criminal justice 53(5) Dec 2014: 468-486
  • Paradigms for rehabilitation in Australia and the Sydney Desistance Project / Kevin O'Sullivan
    British journal of community justice 12(2) 2014: 81-94
  • Punitiveness in Australia : electronic monitoring vs the prison / Ryan Kornhauser and Kathy Laster
    Crime, law and social change 62(4) Nov 2014: 445-474
  • Reconsidering the responsivity principle : a way to move forward / Guy Bourgon and James L Bonta
    Federal probation 78(2) Sep 2014: 3-10
  • Semiotic practices : a conceptual window on the post-prison experience / Diana Johns
    International journal for crime, justice and social democracy 3(3) 2014: 98-112
  • Sentenced to work : a way to reduce recidivism
    Northern Territory Police news. Dec 2014:21
  • Sex offenders and sex crime recidivism : investigating the role of sentence length and time served / Kristen Budd and Scott A Desmond
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(12) Dec 2014: 1481-1499
  • The effects of prison-based educational programming on recidivism and employment / Grant Duwe and Valerie Clark
    Prison journal 94(4) Dec 2014: 454-478
  • The Starkweather syndrome : exploring criminal history antecedents of homicidal crime sprees / Matt DeLisi, Andy Hochstetler, Aaron M Scherer, Aaron Purhmann and Mark T Berg
    Criminal justice studies 21(1) Mar 2008: 37-47