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Recidivism and desistance: January 2015

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Journal articles

  • A 10-year analysis of rearrests among a cohort of domestic violence offenders / Tara N Richards, Wesley G Jennings, Elizabeth Tomsich and Angela R Gover
    Violence and victims 29(6) 2014: 887-906
  • A systematic review of age, sex, ethnicity, and race as predictors of violence recidivism / Alex R Piquero, Wesley G Jennings, Brie Diamond and Jennifer M Reingle
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 59(1) Jan 2015: 5-26
  • Community-based recovery and youth justice / Brian G Sellers
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(1) Jan 2015: 58-69
  • Dissecting the relationship between mental illness and return to incarceration / James A Wilson and Peter B Wood
    Journal of criminal justice 42(6) Nov/Dec 2014: 527-537
  • Electronic monitoring : it is a tool, not a silver bullet / Matthew DeMichele
    Criminology and public policy 13(3) Aug 2014: 393-400
  • Evaluating alternative aftercare models for ex-offenders / Leonard A Jason, Bradley D Olson and Ronald Harvey
    Journal of drug issues 45(1) Jan 2015: 53-68
  • How Corrections measures progress towards its 25 percent reducing re-offending target / Peter W Johnston
    Practice : the New Zealand Corrections journal 2(1) Apr 2014: 5-8
  • Prison-based employment interventions : effects on recidivism / Sarah Beggs Christofferson
    Practice : the New Zealand Corrections journal 2(1) Apr 2014: 28-31
  • The convert, the remorseful and the rescued : three different processes of desistance from crime / Isabelle F.-Dufour and Renee Brassard
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 47(3) Dec 2014: 313-335
  • The utility of the YLS/CMI-SV for assessing youth offenders in Singapore / Chi Meng Chu, Hui Yu, Yirong Lee and Gerald Zeng
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(12) Dec 2014: 1437-1457
  • Theorizing community integration as desistance-promotion / Kathryn J Fox
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(1) Jan 2015: 82-94
  • Therapeutic communities : from a programme in a prison to the prison as the programme / Paul R Whitehead
    Practice : the New Zealand Corrections journal 2(2) Aug 2014: 47-53
  • Transforming rehabilitation : can faith-communities help to reduce reoffending? / Ruth Armstrong
    Prison service journal no. 216 Nov 2014: 3-12
  • Women on parole : do they need their own DRAOR? / Julia A Yesberg, Jessica M Scanlan and Devon L L Polaschek
    Practice : the New Zealand Corrections journal 2(1) Apr 2014: 20-25