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Recidivism and desistance: March 2015

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Journal articles

  • An examination of violence risk communication in practice using a structured professional judgment framework / Jennifer E Storey, Kelly A Watt and Stephen D Hart
    Behavioral sciences and the law 33(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 39-55
  • Are restorative justice conferences effective in reducing repeat offending? Findings from a Campbell Systematic Review / Lawrence W Sherman, Heather Strang, Evan Mayo-Wilson, Daniel J Woods and Barak Ariel
    Journal of quantitative criminology 31(1) Mar 2015: 1-24
  • Are restorative justice conferences more fair than criminal courts? Comparing levels of observed procedural justice in the reintegrative shaming experiments (RISE) / Geoffrey C Barnes, Jordan M Hyatt, Heather Strang, Lawrence W Sherman and Caroline M Angel
    Criminal justice policy review 26(2) Mar 2015: 103-130
  • Assessing the implications of a structured decision-making tool for recidivism in a statewide analysis : disposition matrix for court recommendations made by juvenile probation officers / Michael T Baglivio, Mark A Greenwald and Mark Russell
    Criminology and public policy 14(1) Feb 2015: 5-49
  • Communicating the risk of violent and offending behavior : review and introduction to this special issue / N Zoe Hilton, Nicholas Scurich and Leslie-Maaike Helmus
    Behavioral sciences and the law 33(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 1-18
  • Creating restorative and sustainable environments within a custodial setting : establishing a template for the future / Brian Steels and Dorothy (Dot) Goulding
    Resource Material Series (UNAFEI) no. 93 Aug 2014: 51-64
  • Despair of the women inside Western Australia's most overcrowded prison / Calla Wahlquist
    Guardian (newspaper). 17 Feb 2015:[4] p
  • Does substance misuse moderate the relationship between criminal thinking and recidivism? / Michael S Caudy, Johanna B Folk, Jeffrey Stuewig, Alese Wooditch, Andres Martinez, Stephanie Maass, June P Tangney and Faye S Taxman
    Journal of criminal justice 43(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 12-19
  • Drug and alcohol use and treatment for Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous prisoners : demand reduction strategies / Kate Dolan, Ana Rodas and Adam Bode
    International journal of prisoner health 11(1) 2015: 30-38
  • Evaluation and applications of the clinically significant change method with the violence risk scale-sexual offender version : implications for risk-change communication / Mark E Olver, Sarah Beggs Christofferson and Stephen C P Wong
    Behavioral sciences and the law 33(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 92-110
  • Examining implementation of risk assessment in case management for youth in the justice system / Michele Peterson-Badali, Tracey Skilling and Zohrah Haqanee
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(3) Mar 2015: 304-320
  • Incorporating strengths into quantitative assessments of criminal risk for adult offenders / Natalie J Jones, Shelley L Brown, David Robinson and Deanna Frey
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(3) Mar 2015: 321-338
  • Looking beyond the illness : forensic service users' perceptions of rehabilitation / Mary Barnao, Tony Ward and Sharon Casey
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(6) Mar 2015: 1025-1045
  • Problem gambling among a group of male prisoners : lifetime prevalence and association with incarceration / Ben Riley and Jane Oakes
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 48(1) Mar 2015: 73-81
  • Specific deterrence community context, and drunk driving : an event history analysis / Chang-Bae Lee and Raymond H C Jr Teske
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 59(3) Mar 2015: 230-258
  • Structured dispositional matrix for court recommendations made by juvenile probation officers / Felicia Cotton and Jennifer Owen
    Criminology and public policy 14(1) Feb 2015: 59-65
  • Using general strain theory to explore the effects of prison victimization experiences on later offending and substance use / Janine M Zweig, Jennifer Yahner, Christy A Visher and Pamela K Lattimore
    Prison journal 95(1) Mar 2015: 84-113