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Recidivism and desistance: April 2015

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Journal articles

  • A promising jail reentry program revisited : results from a quasi-experimental design / Holly Ventura Miller and J Mitchell Miller
    Criminal justice studies 28(2) 2015: 211-225
  • An outcome evaluation of a midwestern prisoner reentry initiative / Brett Garland and Aida Hass
    Criminal justice policy review 26(3) Apr 2015: 293-314
  • An outcome evaluation of a prison-based life-skills program : the power of people / Valerie Clark and Grant Duwe
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 59(4) Apr 2015: 384-405
  • Are restorative justice conferences effective in reducing repeat offending? Findings from a Campbell Systematic Review / Lawrence W Sherman, Heather Strang, Evan Mayo-Wilson, Daniel J Woods and Barak Ariel
    Journal of quantitative criminology 31(1) Mar 2015: 1-24
  • Breaking down barriers with the usual suspects : findings from a research-informed intervention with police, young people and residents in the west of Scotland / Ross Deuchar, Johanne Miller and Mark Barrow
    Youth justice 15(1) Apr 2015: 57-75
  • Cognitive skills programs for female offenders in the community : effect on reconviction / Emma J Palmer, Ruth M Hatcher, James McGuire and Clive R Hollin
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(4) Apr 2015: 345-360
  • Does GPS improve recidivism among high risk sex offenders? Outcomes for California's GPS pilot for high risk sex offender parolees / Susan Turner, Alyssa W Chamberlain, Jesse Jannetta and James Hess
    Victims and offenders 10(1) Jan/Mar 2015: 1-28
  • Examining the effects of residential situations and residential mobility on offender recidivism / Benjamin Steiner, Matthew D Makarios and Lawrence F Travis
    Crime and delinquency 61(3) Apr 2015: 375-401
  • Exploring the overlap between victimization and offending among women in sex work / Mary A Finn, Lisa R Muftic and Erin I Marsh
    Victims and offenders 10(1) Jan/Mar 2015: 74-94
  • How digital technology can reduce prison incarceration rates / Darrell M West
    TechTank. 31 March 2015:
  • Looking beyond re-offending : criminal records and poverty / Christopher Stacey
    CJM : criminal justice matters no. 99 Mar 2015: 4-5
  • Moving beyond the punitive legacy : taking stock of persistent problems in juvenile justice / Sonya Goshe
    Youth justice 15(1) Apr 2015: 42-56
  • Navigating the job search after incarceration : the experiences of work-release participants / Andrea Cantora
    Criminal justice studies 28(2) 2015: 141-160
  • Our $3b-a-year system is flying blind in supporting ex-prisoners / Stuart A Kinner
    The conversation. 27 Apr 2015:[5] p
  • Recidivism and psychiatric symptom outcomes in a juvenile mental health court / Aaron M Ramirez, James R Andretta, Michael Barnes and Malcolm H Woodland
    Juvenile and family court journal 66(1 Winter) 2015: 31-46
  • Recidivism and the 'worst of both worlds' hypothesis : do substance misuse and crime interact or accumulate? / Glenn D Walters
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(4) Apr 2015: 435-451
  • Sexual offender recidivism among a population-based prison sample / Martin Rettenberger, Peer Briken, Daniel Turner and Reinhard Eher
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 59(4) Apr 2015: 424-444
  • State of imprisonment : can ACT achieve a 'human rights' prison? / Lorana Bartels
    The conversation. 17 Apr 2015:[6] p
  • State of imprisonment : out one day, back the next in Queensland / Robin T Fitzgerald and Adrian Cherney
    The conversation. 15 Apr 2015:[4] p
  • The relationship between aggressive behaviour in prison and violent offending following release / Jessica L Mooney and Michael Daffern
    Psychology, crime and law 21(3/4) Apr/May 2015: 314-329