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Recidivism and desistance: May 2015

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Journal articles

  • An evaluation of the level of service/case management inventory in an Australian community corrections environment / Heidi Gordon, Sally F Kelty and Roberta D Julian
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(2) Apr 2015: 247-258
  • Criminal stigma, race, and ethnicity : the consequences of imprisonment for employment / Scott H Decker, Natalie Ortiz, Cassia Spohn and Eric Hedberg
    Journal of criminal justice 43(2) Mar/Apr 2015: 108-121
  • Does resilience predict recidivism in young offenders? / Amber Fougere, Michael Daffern and Stuart D M Thomas
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(2) Apr 2015: 198-212
  • Drug courts as an alternative to probation for highly recidivistic drug offenders / George B Palermo
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 59(5) May 2015: 447-448
  • Implementing restorative justice to address Indigenous youth recidivism and over-incarceration in the ACT : navigating law reform dynamics / Sarah Xin Yi Chua and Tony Foley
    Australian Indigenous law review 18(1) 2014/15: 138-152
  • Offending outcomes of a mental health youth diversion pilot scheme in England / Alina Haines, Steven Lane, James McGuire, Elizabeth Perkins and Richard Whittington
    Criminal behaviour and mental health 25(2) 2015: 126-140
  • Offline inmates denied education and skills that reduce re-offending / Amy Antonio and Helen Farley
    The conversation. 24 Apr 2015:[4] p
  • 'Picking up the pieces' : female significant others in the lives of young (ex)incarcerated males / Mark Halsey and Simone Deegan
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 15(2) Apr 2015: 131-151
  • Recent vicimization and recidivism : the potential moderating effects of family support / Caitlin J Taylor
    Violence and victims 30(2) 2015: 342-360
  • The benefits of keeping idle hands busy : an outcome evaluation of a prisoner reentry employment program / Grant Duwe
    Crime and delinquency 61(4) May 2015: 559-586
  • The predictive validity of the LS/CMI with Aboriginal offenders in Canada / J Stephen Wormith, Sarah M Hogg and Lina Guzzo
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(5) May 2015: 481-508
  • Why should criminology care about literary fiction? Literature, life narratives and telling untellable stories / Sarah Colvin
    Punishment and society 17(2) Apr 2015: 211-229