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Victims of Crime: January 2014

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Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • Australian domestic violence protection order legislation : a comparative quantitative content analysis of victim safety provisions / Samantha Jeffries, Christine E W Bond and Rachael Field
    Current issues in criminal justice 25(2) Nov 2013: 627-643
  • Comment : Protection from Harassment Act 1997 : the 'new' stalking offences / Judith Gowland
    Journal of criminal law 77(5) Oct 2013: 387-398
  • Commentary on Canadian child maltreatment data / Lil Tonmyr, Wendy E Hovdestad and Jasminka Draca
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(1) Jan 2014: 186-197
  • Fear of crime online? Examining the effect of risk, previous victimization, and exposure of fear of online interpersonal victimization / Billy Henson, Bradford W Reyns and Bonnie S Fisher
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 29(4) Nov 2013: 475-497
  • Hacking and harassment : do they have something in common? Comparing risk factors for online victimization / Johan Van Wilsem
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 29(4) Nov 2013: 437-453
  • Individual and familial risk and protective correlates of physical and psychological peer victimization / Shamra Boel-Studt and Lynette M Renner
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1163-1174
  • New developments and implications for understanding the victimization of gang members / Kathleen A Fox
    Violence and victims 28(6) 2013: 1015-1040
  • Not a victimless crime : the impact of fraud on individual victims and their families / Mark Button, Chris Lewis and Jacki Tapley
    Security journal 27(1) 2014: 36-54
  • Parenting behavior and the risk of becoming a victim and a bully/victim : a meta-analysis study / Suzet Tanya Lereya, Muthanna Samara and Dieter Wolke
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1091-1108
  • Perpetrator and victim gender patters for 21 forms of youth victimization in the National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence / Sherry Hamby, David Finkelhor and Heather Turner
    Violence and victims 28(6) 2013: 915-939
  • Poly-victimization among juvenile justice-involved youths / Julian D Ford, Damion J Grasso, Josephine Hawke and John F Chapman
    Child abuse and neglect 37(10) Oct 2013: 788-800
  • Polyvictimization and victimization of children and youth : results from a populational survey / Katie Cyr, Claire Chamberland, Marie-Eve Clement, Genevieve Lessard, Jo-Anne M Wemmers, Delphine Collin-Vezina, Marie-Helene Gagne and Dominique Damant
    Child abuse and neglect 37(10) Oct 2013: 814-820
  • Reporting and clearance of cyberbullying incidents : applying 'offline' theories to online victims / Lynn A Addington
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 29(4) Nov 2013: 454-747
  • Victim awareness : re-examining a probation fundamental / Jacky Burrows
    Probation journal 60(4) Dec 2013: 383-399
  • Victim blame, sexism and just-world beliefs : a cross-cultural comparison / Sven H Pedersen and Leif A Stromwall
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 20(6) Dec 2013: 932-941
  • Victimization experiences and adolescent substance use : does the type and degree of victimization matter? / Gillian M Pinchevsky, Abigail A Fagan and Emily M Wright
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(2) Jan 2014: 299-319
  • Victims of road rage : a qualitative study of the experiences of motorists and vulnerable road users / Christopher Cavacuiti, Kari Juhani Ala-Leppilampi, Robert E Mann, Richard Govoni, Gina Stoduto, Reginald G Smart and Jennifer Ann Locke
    Violence and victims 28(6) 2013: 1068-1084
  • Violence against women on public transport in Nepal : sexual harassment and the spatial expression of male privilege / Gita Neupane and Meda Chesney-Lind
    International journal of comparative and applied criminal justice 38(1) Feb 2014: 23-38
  • Why are crime victims at risk of being victimized again? Substance use, depression, and offending as mediators of the victimization-revictimization link / R Barry Ruback, Valerie Clark and Cody Warner
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(1) Jan 2014: 157-185