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Victims of Crime: April 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • A review of the impact of different types of leading interview questions on child and adult witnesses with intellectual disabilities / Peter V Bowles and Stefanie J Sharman
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 21(2) Apr 2014: 205-217
  • Are we too lenient on child sexual assault offenders? / Vicki Sokias
    New South Wales police news 94(4) Apr 2014: 16-19
  • 'Can't stop, won't stop' : self-control, risky lifestyles, and repeat victimization / Jillian J Turanovic and Travis C Pratt
    Journal of quantitative criminology 30(1) Mar 2014: 29-56
  • Child maltreatment, personality pathology, and stalking victimization among male and female college students / Kim S Menard and Aaron L Pincus
    Violence and victims 29(2) 2014: 300-316
  • 'Heroes' and victims : incarcerated bank robbers' accounts of victims and victimization / Adie Nelson and Frederick Desroches
    International review of victimology 20(2) 2014: 211-226
  • Legal representation for sexual assault victims : possibilities for law reform? / Kerstin Braun
    Current issues in criminal justice 25(3) Mar 2014: 819-837
  • One hit makes the difference : the role of polyvictimization in childhood in lifetime revicitimization on a southern Europe sample / Noemi Pereda and David Gallardo-Pujol
    Violence and victims 29(2) 2014: 217-231
  • Out of the mouths of babes : enabling children to give evidence in the justice system / Mary N Woodward, Ilana J Hepner and Jeanette Stewart
    Alternative law journal 39(1) 2014: 27-30
  • Territorial functioning and victimisation : conceptualisation and scale development / Aldrin Abdullah, Massoomeh Hedayati Marzbali, Helen Woolley, Azizi Bahauddin and Mohammad Javad Maghsoodi Tilaki
    Crime, law and social change 61(3) 2014: 335-354
  • The effect of victimization, mental health and protective factors on crime and illicit drug use among homeless young adults / Kimberly A Tyler, Lisa A Kort-Butler and Alexis Swendener
    Violence and victims 29(2) 2014: 348-362
  • The interpersonal world of bullies : parents, peers, and partners / Colleen M Keelan, Allison M Schenk, Matthew R McNally and William J Fremouw
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(7) May 2014: 1338-1353
  • The online dating romance scam : causes and consequences of victimhood / Tom Buchanan and Monica T Whitty
    Psychology, crime and law 20(3/4) Apr/May 2014: 261-283
  • Thinking about the fall in crime / Alan. Marlow
    Safer communities : a journal of practice, opinion, policy and research 13(2) 2014: 56-62
    Summary: Reviews the reasons why there has been a fall in the volume of recorded crime in the UK and other liberal economies