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Victims of Crime: August 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • A new model for seeking meaningful redress for victims of church-related sexual assault / John Ellis and Nicola Ellis
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 31-41
  • Are collaborations enough? Professionals' knowledge of victim services / Linda Vinton and Dina J Wilke
    Violence against women 20(6) Jun 2014: 716-729
  • Beyond the straight and narrow : the import of queer criminology for criminology and criminal justice / Vanessa R Panfil and Jody Miller
    The Criminologist 39(4) Jul/Aug 2014: 1-8
  • Causes of violence against women in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa / Humaira Nosheen and Sarah Safdar
    Pakistan journal of criminology 6(1) Jan/Jun 2014: 235-244
  • Creation and validation of an inmate risk assessment for violent, nonsexual victimization / Ryan M Labrecque, Paula Smith and John D Wooldredge
    Victims and offenders 9(3) Jul/Sep 2014: 317-333
  • Emotional dysregulation and negative affect mediate the relationship between maternal history of child maltreatment and maternal child abuse potential / Ami L Smith, Dorthie Cross, Jennifer Winkler, Tanja Jovanovic and Bekh Bradley
    Journal of family violence 29(5) Jul 2014: 483-494
  • Feminism, status inconsistency, and women's intimate partner victimization in heterosexual relationships / Cortney A Franklin and Tasha A Menaker
    Violence against women 20(7) Aug 2014: 825-845
  • Gender differences in the context and consequences of child sexual abuse / Judy Cashmore and Rita Shackel
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 75-105
  • Green crime and victimization : tensions between social and environmental justice / Pamela Ann Davies
    Theoretical criminology 18(3) 2014: 300-316
  • Poly-victimization risk in prison : the influence of individual and institutional factors / Shelley J Listwan, Leah Daigle, Jennifer L Hartman and Wendy P Guastaferro
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(13) Sep 2014: 2458-2481
  • Responding to historical child sexual abuse : a prosecution perspective on current challenges and future directions / Kara Shead
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 55-73
  • The criminal victimization : depression sequela : examining the effects of violent victimization on depression with a longitudinal propensity score design / Andy Hochstetler, Matt DeLisi, Gloria Jones-Johnson and W Roy Johnson
    Crime and delinquency 60(5) Aug 2014: 785-806
  • The effect of delay on historical child sex abuse cases : commentary on the Irish experience / Yvonne Murphy
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 105-118
  • Victims of crime with disabilities in Ireland : hidden casualties in the 'vision of victim as everyman' / Shane Kilcommins and Mary Donnelly
    International review of victimology 20(3) 2014: 305-325
  • Violence, backpackers, security and critical realism / David Botterill, Shane Boris Pointing, Charmaine S Hayes-Jonkers, Alan R Clough, Trevor Jones and Cristina Rodriguez
    Annals of tourism research vol. 42 2013: 311-333
  • Workplace violence : extending the boundaries of criminology / Emily Schindeler
    Theoretical criminology 18(3) Aug 2014: 371-385