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Victims of Crime: December 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • A reflection on gang rape in India : what's law got to do with it? / Richa Sharma and Susan Bazilli
    International journal for crime, justice and social democracy 3(3) 2014: 4-21
  • Addressing violence against women : a call to action / Claudia Garcia-Moreno, Cathy Zimmerman, Alison Morris-Gehring, Lori Heise, Avni Amin, Naeemah Abrahams, Oswaldo Montoya, Padma Bhate-Deosthali, Nduku Kilonzo and Charlotte Watts
    The Lancet no. Nov 2014:
  • An empirical assessment of the overlap between sexual victimization and sex offending / Wesley G Jennings, Kristen M Zgoba, Tina Maschi and Jennifer M Reingle
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(12) Dec 2014: 1466-1480
  • Attorneys' questions and children's productivity in child sexual abuse criminal trials / J Zoe Klemfuss, Jodi Quas and Thomas D Lyon
    Applied cognitive psychology vol. 28 2014: 780-788
  • Community violence perpetration and victimization among adults with mental illnesses / Sarah L Desmarais, Richard A Van Dorn, Kiersten L Johnson, Kevin J Grimm, Kevin S Douglas and Marvin S Swartz
    American journal of public health 104(12) Dec 2014: 2342-2349
  • Coping strategies : investigating how male prisoners manage the threat of victimization in federal prisons / Rosemary Ricciardelli
    Prison journal 94(4) Dec 2014: 411-434
  • Hate crimes on trial : judgments about violent crime against gay men / Robert J Cramer, Emily E Wakeman, Joseph F Chandler, Jonathan J Mohr and Michael P Griffin
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 20(2) 2013: 202-215
  • How to reduce global levels of violence by 50% in the coming 30 years : a brief summary of the First Global Violence Reduction Conference Cambridge (UK), 17/18 September 2014 / Manuel Eisner
    The Criminologist 39(6) Nov/Dec 2014: 41-43
  • Intimate partner violence against women and victim-blaming attitudes among Europeans / Enrique Garcia
    Bulletin of the World Health Organization vol. 92 Feb 2014: 380-381
  • Martin Place siege : Sydney CBD cafe workers held up
    The Australian. 16 Dec 2014:[41] p
  • Physical dating violence victimization among sexual minority youth / Feijun Luo, Deborah M Stone and Andra Teten Tharp
    American journal of public health 104(10) Dec 2014: e66-e73
  • Preying on lonely hearts is big business / Tim Harvey
    Fraud magazine 29(6) Nov/Dec 2014: 20-21
  • Representing human rights : photojournalism and the Alexia Foundation / Erin Jardine
    Human rights defender 23(3) Nov 2014: 16-18
  • Risky altruism, criminal victimization, fear of crime, and security mindedness / Robert J Homant
    Journal of applied security research 8(2) 2013: 203-221
  • Self-esteem, the fear of crime, and the decision to protect oneself from victimization / Emily K Asencio, Monica Merrill and Michael Steiner
    Sociological forum 29(3) Sep 2014: 587-606
  • Sex trafficking and moral harm : politicised understandings and depictions of the trafficked experiences / Erin O'Brien, Belinda Carpenter and Sharon Hayes
    Critical criminology vol. 21 2013: 401-415
  • Spotlight on forensic nursing / Kara Douglas
    Australian nursing and midwifery journal 21(10) May 2014: 20-24
  • The death of Jill Meagher : crime and punishment on social media / Sanja Milivojevic and Alyce McGovern
    International journal for crime, justice and social democracy 3(3) 2014: 22-39
  • The interrelationships between victimization, fear, and acculturation among Asian immigrants / Jonathan A Grubb and Leana Allan Bouffard
    Victims and offenders 9(4) Oct/Dec 2014: 353-385
  • Torture and the fight against terrorism / Linus Sonderegger
    Crime, law and social change 62(3) Oct 2014: 337-353
  • Whose statement is it? An examination of victim impact statements delivered in court / Christine M Englebrecht and Jorge M Chavez
    Victims and offenders 9(4) Oct/Dec 2014: 386-412
  • Why not all Sydney siege hostages will need mental health help / Zachary Steel and Grant James Devilly
    The conversation. 17 Dec 2014:[8] p
  • Working at the frontline in cases of elder abuse : 'It keeps me awake at night' / Jane Cairns and Anthea Vreugdenhil
    Australasian journal on ageing 33(1) Mar 2013: 50-62