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Superannuation fraud conference

Media Release

19 June 1996

The Australian Institute of Criminology, together with the Melbourne University's Criminology Department, will present this Friday June 21, a conference titled Superannuation Crime.

The conference will be held in Melbourne at the University's Criminology Department, 234 Queensberry St.

Speakers will include:

  • Senator John Watson, Senate Select Committee on Superannuation
  • Professor Arie Freiberg, Head of the Melbourne University's Criminology Department
  • Commander Allen Bowles, Major Fraud Group, VicPol
  • David Hellings, National Crime Authority
  • Roger Brown, Insurance and Superannuation Commission
  • Kevin Casey, AMP Superannuation
  • Rob Anderson, Deloittes
  • Andrew Fairley, superannuation lawyer

Media facilities will be available at the conference as will copies of those papers which have been provided.