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AIC Associates

Media Release

21 June 1996

For almost 25 years the Australian Institute of Criminology has been an academic leader in criminology both within Australia and internationally. During 1995 the Institute was refocussed to concentrate its efforts on policy research.

To ensure continuity of its long standing research activities and to maintain strong links with the academic community the Institute has recently appointed a number of leading academics as Associates of the Australian Institute of Criminology.

The Associates will represent the interests of the Australian Institute of Criminology in their home city and, where appropriate, work jointly with the Institute to further the activities of the Australian Institute of Criminology in that city. Appointment will be for two years and will be conditional on Associates contributing tangibly to the Australian Institute of Criminology program or product. This contribution will be negotiated with the Director.

The appointments will be for two years in the first instance. The Board of Management of the Australian Institute of Criminology recently appointed the following:

  • Professor Ross Homel, Professor and Head, School of Justice Administration, Griffith University
  • A/Professor Rick Sarre, Head of School of Law, University of South Australia
  • Professor Riaz Hassan, Professor of Sociology, Flinders University
  • Mr Simon Bronitt, Lecturer in Law, Australian National University
  • Dr Stephen Mugford, Reader in Sociology, Australian National University
  • Professor Kate Warner, Head of Law School, University of Tasmania
  • Mr Jon Bright, Director of Field Operations, Crime Concern, Swindon UK
  • Professor Ian O'Connor, Head, Department of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Queensland,
  • Dr Rod Broadhurst, Lecturer and Course Coordinator, Criminology Programme, Department of Sociology, University of Hong Kong