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Paedophilia an epidemic

Media Release

11 April 1997

A leading figure in the treatment of child sexual abuse says the problem is at epidemic levels in Australia and that insufficient is being done to address that problem.

Dr William Glaser, a Melbourne forensic psychiatrist, will be one of the keynote speakers at the Australian Institute of Criminology conference, Paedophilia - Policy and Prevention, beginning in Sydney on Monday (April 14).

Dr Glaser, in his paper for the conference, points to three major areas of need in the field of child sexual abuse:

  • the need for a centralised organisation to monitor paedophilia, advise governments and at least co-ordinate the widest range of action in the area;
  • the need for focussed treatment of offenders, the end result of which is not a happy perpetrator, but a safe victim.
  • the need for a radical rethink of sentencing policy.

Other speakers at the conference will cover areas such as detection and reporting; investigation, prosecution and defence; public education; victim evidence; treating offenders; implications for civil liberties; and future directions.

The AIC conference will be held at the University of Sydney, beginning at 9am Monday April 14 and continuing until 4.30pm Tuesday, April 15.