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Crimes go unreported, says AIC research

Media Release

28 February 1997

Around two thirds of all assaults in Australia were not reported to police, according to data released today by the Australian Institute of Criminology.

The research shows that around 227,000 assaults are reported.

The research by Institute Research Analyst Carlos Carcach suggests that multiple victims are less likely to report the crimes to police. The analyis found that one of the reasons for non-reporting was the perception among victims that police could not or would not do anything about the crime; a result that is associated with either the perceived seriousness of the incident, the relationship between victim and offender, the possibility of the offender being caught or the property recovered, and the level of satisfaction with police. In the case of assault, victims tended to be more afraid of recriminations/revenge than single-incident victims.

In the latest paper of its Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice series, the AIC says the failure to report means the full picture on crime can never be known