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New opportunities for health care crime

Media Release

04 July 1997

The Australian Institute of Criminology is holding a two-day conference at the University of Melbourne on 3 and 4 July 1997, to focus on health care crime.

The conference will bring together people from across the health spectrum - doctors, nurses, providers of alternative health care, as well as lawyers, regulators, criminologists and ethicists.

In opening the conference, Health Care Crime and Regulatory Control, Dr Adam Graycar, Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology, will discuss the enormous range of opportunities for health care providers to break the law which modern systems of health care provide. These include:

  • unlawful killing associated with euthanasia;
  • claiming fees fraudulently;
  • engaging in illegal conduct in connection with the use of computers;
  • conducting genetic research; and
  • engaging in sexual misconduct with patients.

    The conference examines ways of controlling such conduct through the use of the criminal law, disciplinary procedures, and conciliation. The regulation of alternative health care such as Traditional Chinese Medicine will also be discussed.

    Speakers include representatives from regulatory bodies throughout the country as well as legal and academic critics of current regulatory systems.

    The AIC conference will be held at the University of Melbourne in the Queensberry Street Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor, 234 Queensberry Street, Carlton, beginning at 9 am, Thursday 3 July and continuing until 5.00 pm, Friday 4 July.

    Dr Russell Smith, Research Analyst at the Australian Institute of Criminology, has worked extensively on health care regulation and brings both a criminological and a legal perspective to these issues.