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Criminal exploitation of new technologies

Media Release

10 August 1998

The AIC today released Criminal Exploitation of New Technologies by Dr Russell Smith in their Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice series of papers. The paper suggests how to prevent new technologies from adding to the nation's crime problem.

New technologies have created new crimes:

  • Syringes containing infected blood are now being used as weapons;
  • Cars are now being used in acts of road rage and ram-raiding;
  • Computers are being used to steal funds; and
  • Chemicals are being used in terrorist attacks.

Law enforcement agencies and policy makers can counter the criminal exploitation of new technologies by:

  • Restricting the availability of raw materials used to create new devices, substances and weapons;
  • Restricting the availability of new technologies themselves; or
  • Restricting certain people from possessing and using new technologies.