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New chair for Australian Institute of Criminology

Media Release

27 May 1998

Media release from Senator, the Hon Amanda Vanstone, Minister for Justice

Minister for Justice, Senator Amanda Vanstone, today announced the appointment of Professor Richard Fox as Chair of the Board of Management of the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Professor Fox is Professor of Law at Monash University where he has held various positions since 1972.

Senator Vanstone said that she was delighted that so distinguished a lawyer and criminologist, who had worked across the spectrum of crime and justice issues in Australia and overseas, would be taking up this important position, during the 25th year of the Australian Institute of Criminology.

"Professor Fox's appointment is timely as the Australian Institute of Criminology, which has been significantly restructured, is pursuing research and policy issues in a number of new areas," Senator Vanstone said.

Some of the new research and policy areas include:

  • technology and crime: the regulation of new technologies which might enhance criminal activity;
  • illicit drugs in Australian life and their impact on criminal activity;
  • interjurisdictional variations in crime and imprisonment rates;
  • crime control and crime prevention;
  • young people and crime; and
  • criminal exploitation of children.

"I am confident Professor Fox will prove a valuable asset to the AIC as it fulfils its role as a unique national organisation which assesses national issues and informs them with national data," Senator Vanstone said.

Professor Fox replaces Justice Sally Brown who resigned as Chair last year.