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AIC corrections website launched

Media Release

22 May 2000

The Australian Institute of Criminology today launched a ground-breaking new section on its website, which for the first time brings together all available information on corrections in Australia.

"With the doubling of Australia's prison population in the last 15 years, we need tools like this to better understand trends in corrections, share information on best practice and understand our duty of care", Dr Adam Graycar, Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology, said today.

Speaking at a meeting of Australia's Correctional Services Administrators in Perth, Dr Graycar said that, amongst many other figures, the website shows that NSW, Queensland, WA and the NT all have imprisonment rates higher than the national average.

The website contains a wide range of correctional information including:

  • agencies, facilities and projects;
  • standards, guidelines and conventions;
  • conferences, publications and statistics;
  • education and training; and
  • links to other relevant websites.