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Weapons used in armed robberies

Media Release

21 January 2002

Most public attention and concern about armed robbery in Australia has been directed at the use of firearms to commit the offence. While this concern may have been justified in the past, in recent years the nature of armed robbery has seen a number of significant changes. The use of firearms in the commission of armed robbery has declined. At the same time there has been a dramatic increase in the use of 'other weapons', particularly knives.

"The Australian Institute of Criminology, through its continued role in the monitoring of selected offences, has recognised the changing nature of armed robbery and has responded with the release of a report - Weapon Involvement in Armed Robbery", said Dr Adam Graycar, AIC Director. "This report examines in detail the role of weapons in armed robbery in Australia", he said. "In fact, most people may be surprised to learn that firearms are used in less than twenty per cent of armed robberies in Australia."


Some graphs from the report

Weapon use in armed robbery in Australia

Percentage of armed and unarmed robbery of total robberies in Australia

Armed robbery by specific location in Australia, 1993-1999

Victims of armed robbery by age group in Australia, 1996-1999

Armed, unarmed and total robbery in Australia, 1993 - 1999