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Australian Institute of Criminology consolidates national research role in 2006-07

Media Release

02 November 2007

"The Australian Institute of Criminology is recognized nationally and internationally as a pre-eminent independent crime and justice policy research agency", Director Dr Toni Makkai said today, further to the tabling of the Institute's Annual Report for 2006-07.

"An independent review of the information services function at the Institute conducted this year showed that it is universally seen as a valued source of independent, timely and credible information by key stakeholders" Dr Makkai said. "Our website is widely accessed and it is acknowledged that we have unique research collections".

Throughout 2006-07 the Institute produced major reports on drugs and crime, Indigenous issues, violent crime and sexual assault, crime prevention, fraud and high tech crime. The Institute also provides the general public and the media with trusted independent information on the criminal justice system.

The results of this work were widely promulgated through over 80 publications and fact sheets, two conferences held with community partners and 50 presentations to stakeholders. Institute staff also participated in a range of national and international advisory bodies and committees.

"The Institute's unique data and analysis are used throughout Australia to inform policy development and practice within the justice sector", said Dr Makkai.

The Institute also managed the Criminology Research Council, which provides funding for independent research to the academic community. The Council is co-funded by the Australian Government and State and Territory governments.

The Institute received funding for new areas of research in 2006-07, which will be a significant focus of its work over the next four years. These include major research projects into drugs and crime, human trafficking and anti-money laundering, together with new research on cybercrime against business, firearms theft and the reporting of fraud against the Australian Government.