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Location of recorded crime, 2004

Crime facts info no. 104

ISSN 1445-7288
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, August 2005

The annual Australian Bureau of Statistics publication Recorded crime - victims, Australia provides a breakdown of selected offence categories by location in which the recorded offence took place. Residential locations include dwellings, outbuildings and residential land; community locations include streets, footpaths and public transport; other locations include retail premises, recreational areas and all other locations. The data below exclude victims where the offence location was not specified. This ranges from 1.2 to 4.6 per cent, depending on offence category. In 2004, murder, attempted murder and unlawful entry with intent were more likely to occur in a residential setting, while kidnapping/abduction, robbery and motor vehicle theft were more likely to occur in community locations. For victims of other theft, the offence location was most likely to be other, primarily retail premises.

Location where selected offences occurred


NOTE: Data on assault and sexual assault were not released by ABS for 2004.


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