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Australian firearm thefts, 2004-05

Crime facts info no. 145

ISSN 1445-7288
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, April 2007

The Australian Institute of Criminology's National Firearms Theft Monitoring Program was established in 2006 to examine all incidents of firearms theft reported to police. In the program's first annual report, for 2004-05, almost 1,500 firearms, or less than 0.1 of one percent of all registered firearms, were reported as stolen in 668 incidents (Borzycki & Mouzos 2007). This represents a downward trend since earlier research (Mouzos 2002). The figure below shows the majority of rifles (80%), shotguns (82%) and handguns (60%) were stolen from private residential premises. A sizeable minority of handguns (31%) were stolen from business and commercial locations.

Firearms stolen in Australia, by type and location, 2004–05 (percent)

Australian Firearm thefts

Source: AIC NFTMP 2004-05 [computer file]


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