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Sexual assault against men

Crime facts info no. 170

ISSN 1445-7288
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, May 2008

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey 2005 outlines, among other things, the incidence of sexual assault against men. Sexual assault includes acts of a sexual nature carried out against a person's will through the use of physical force, intimidation or coercion, or any attempts to do this (ABS 2006). Findings of sexual assault against men aged 18 and over in the 12 months before the survey include that 0.6 percent of men (42,300) experienced sexual assault, and that 44 percent (18,500) of these men experienced sexual assault by a family member or friend in the most recent incident, 35 percent (14,900) by an other known person and 33 percent (13,900) by a stranger. A total of 5.5 percent (408,100) of men reported experiencing sexual violence since the age of 15.

Men’s experience of violence during the past 12 months a

* Estimate has a relative standard error of 25-50 percent and should be used with caution)

Men who experienced violence during the past 12 months could have experienced violence more than once. The components, when added, may therefore be larger than the total.


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