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Money laundering in the 21st century : risks and countermeasures

Research and public policy series no. 2

Adam Graycar and Peter Grabosky (eds)
ISBN 0 642 24011 6 ISSN 1326-6004
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, June 1996


Money laundering is a silent crime. It crosses international boundaries leaving in its wake no obvious victims, no lethal weapons and usually no witnesses. Modern technology has led to new avenues to disguise the proceeds of crime. The advent of electronic money has meant that tracing the transfer of possibly illicit funds is an extremely difficult, if not impossible task. How can law enforcement agencies around the world combat this complex crime? As these papers show, international cooperation and the rapid identification of countermeasures to control the incidence of money laundering are the keys to prevention. This collection of papers was given at a February 1996 seminar in Canberra.