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The authors gratefully acknowledge the funding and support of the Australasian Juvenile Justice Administrators for this project. Input into the development and conduct of the research, and feedback on earlier drafts of this report by members of the Juvenile Justice Research Task Group is also gratefully acknowledged, as is the assistance of colleagues at the Australian Institute of Criminology (especially Laura Beacroft) and AIC Research Officer Bodean Hedwards who assisted with the stakeholder interviews undertaken for this project. Finally, the authors gratefully acknowledge the time and input of all stakeholders interviewed for this research.

Please note that the views of participants contained herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the agencies they represent.

The authors acknowledge the assistance provided by the Queensland Police Service. The views expressed in this material are those of the authors and are not those of the Queensland Police Service. Responsibility for any errors of omission or commission remains with the authors. The Queensland Police Service expressly disclaims any liability for any damage resulting from the use of the material contained in this publication and will not be responsible for any loss, howsoever arising, from use of or reliance on this material.