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Armed robbery in Australia : 2003 National armed robbery monitoring program annual report

Research and public policy series no. 62

Maria Borzycki, Yuka Sakurai and Jenny Mouzos
ISBN 0 642 53872 7 ISSN 1326-6004
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, January 2004


This annual report summarises information derived from the first year of the National armed robbery monitoring program in 2003. The nearly 9,000 reported cases of armed robbery victimisation in Australia are examined in terms of the incident, the victim and the offender. Aspects of this crime that have not previously been closely examined, such as the type of property stolen from victims, are included and add detail to our understanding of armed robbery. Other statistics reported include location of armed robbery, by jurisdiction and setting; weapon use in armed robbery, and in different locations; temporal aspects; outcomes of investigations; individual and organisational victims; victim resistance to offenders and victim injury; characteristics of offenders and weapon use; disguise use; and the relationship between offender and victim. The information derived from the NARMP complements other recorded crime data; a fuller picture of armed robbery in Australia is constructed because multiple elements are viewed simultaneously. This picture can then assist law enforcement and those responsible for the development of crime-reduction initiatives.