Australian Institute of Criminology

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The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) was created to be a national knowledge centre on crime and criminal justice issues. The AIC regularly monitors a range of crimes and carries out a range of primary and secondary research to inform governments, law enforcement and other agencies working in the criminal justice sector. A key part of the AIC’s role is to provide a capacity to investigate and shed light on new and evolving crimes. In the past two years, there has been significant interest in determining the nature and extent to which international students studying in Australia are victims of crime. I am therefore pleased to be able to present this report of the AIC’s research into crimes against international students.

It provides the best available estimation of the extent to which international students have been the victims of crime during their time in Australia and has enabled the rate of recorded crimes experienced by international students from the five largest source countries to be compared with the rate for Australian reference populations. While this research has not answered the question of whether attacks against overseas students are racially motivated, the findings from this research do shed light on some of the factors that influence the risk or likelihood of overseas students experiencing crime and therefore provides some direction for crime prevention efforts to reduce the risk of crime for this population.

Adam Tomison