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Statistics on juvenile detention in Australia : 1981-2002

Technical and background paper no. 5

Michael Bareja and Kate Charlton
ISBN 0 642 53808 5 ISSN 1445-7261
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, June 2003


This publication provides a comprehensive overview of juvenile detention statistics for the past 21 years (1981 through 2002), as well as a detailed statistical analysis for the most recent financial year 2001-02. The statistics are derived from quarterly reports on juvenile detention submitted to the Australian Institute of Criminology by the relevant juvenile justice authorities in each Australian jurisdiction. For each jurisdiction and year, the publication presents information on juveniles detained according to their gender, age and Indigenous status. Statistics are also provided on the rate of Indigenous persons in juvenile detention, 1994-2001; the rates of Indigenous over representation in each jurisdiction compared with the national rate, 1994-2002; and sentenced persons as a percentage of total persons, 2001-2002.